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New website revolutionises beauty industry

New website revolutionises beauty industry

Los Angeles, CA – The launching of a beauty video website will revolutionise the beauty industry according to leading Los Angeles beauty experts.

The wide range of beauty and make-up videos on has stunned industry observers with many predicting the website will vastly change the way people kept up-to-date with latest beauty trends.

“It really has taken the beauty and make-up industry to a whole new level” says leading beauty advisor Sandra Fernandez. “My clients can now access the best beauty and make-up tips and advice from the comfort of their home. The quality and range of videos on BeautyLatest is truly inspiring”.

The types of videos available on include make-up, hair care, nails, skin care, costume make-up and how to do a celebrity transformation. All videos have been carefully categorised enabling people to quickly search for leading videos in their area of interest.

Beauty fanatic Kelly Walton was one of the first users of after the website’s launch earlier today. “I just love it! My old beauty routine was getting tired and boring but BeautyLatest  provides me with so many new and exciting beauty videos to enjoy. I’m amazed it is free!” adds new beauty and make-up videos daily ensuring that the site’s fans get a regularly updated range of industry-leading videos to enjoy. Further information regarding how BeautyLatest can revolutionise your beauty and make-up care can be obtained by emailing


BeautyLatest is an industry-leading beauty and make-up videos website that aims to provide a wide-range of quality videos that help their customers to improve their beauty and make-up in an enjoyable, educating and motivating way.

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