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New York City School Bus Companies Testing the ECOFuelMaximizer

New York City School Bus Companies Testing the ECOFuelMaximizer

New York City is the largest School System in the USA. They have over 600,000 students using private School Bus Transportation. The ECOFuelMaximizer will be tested over the next 90 days.

New York, NY, USA, June 29, 2015 — Due to high fuel costs, Diesel Regeneration and DPF maintenance issues School bus transportation companies are looking for solutions to maintain their buses in the best possible operating condition. Vehicles like Buses, Trucks that experience stop and go driving burn excessive fuel and require constant Diesel Particulate maintenance. Buses on a daily basis in the New York area stop running due to being clogged with diesel soot. In many instances students are late to and home from school due to break-downs.

Select Bus owners and fleet managers of large progressive companies in the New York area have agreed to purchase and test the ECOFuelMaximizer. The ECO Fuel System products require No Chemicals or Maintenance. For as little as $390 per bus this in-line fuel enhancer can reorganize the molecules in fuel, reduce diesel regeneration cycles 40% to over 70% and save an average of 10% in fuel. A potential savings of thousands of dollars annually.

For 14 years the ECO Fuel Systems Fuel Enhancer has proven itself, it is currently successfully installed in over 200 school districts on over 38,000 buses and counting. It has a Risk Free, 90 day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. The ECO System products have been an A+ member of the Chamber of Commerce for over 10 years with no complaints.

Since 1999 ECO Fuel Systems, LLC and its associates have been leaders in helping the public reduce Carbon Pollution and increasing Fuel efficiency. For more information about reducing the cost of fuel and carbon pollution, call or email for more information.

GO GREEN – Burn Clean! About Us: Green Energy! Reduce Carbon Pollution and Fuel Consumption, No Chemicals. No Maintenance. We are a direct wholesale Fleet warehouse supplying Owners and Fleets with the ECOFuelMaximizer. 90 Day Money Back No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee.

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ECO Fuel Systems, LLC
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