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Newly Launched App to Keep Track of the Stock Market

Newly Launched App to Keep Track of the Stock Market

USA – When dealing with the stock market, the secret of success is taking correct decisions at the right time. To help users take such timely and informed decisions, the website has recently launched the Stock Ticker App that can be downloaded directly from the website by any interested person, totally free of cost. This application comes with a number of great features that makes keeping track of the changes in the stock market easier.

The Stock Ticker has been created keeping the convenience of the users in mind. Hence, every one of its features is such that anybody will find using the app very comfortable and convenient. One of such features is its user interface; all the information regarding the share market is provided in the form of a scroll on the users’ desktops. Additionally, users have the option of customizing the scroll bar and add any number of stocks to it. Users have the option of adding colors to specify rise and fall in stocks making accessing required information for users much easy. Apart from names, symbols are also displayed, which means relevant information can be availed as quickly as possible without any confusion. The main menu is also simple, straightforward and easily accessible.

Apart from such convenient features another advantage with this app is it is easy to download apart from being absolutely free. It is a standalone app which means no additional downloads will be required to run it. In addition to this it occupies very little disk space which means downloading and using this software won’t affect the performance of one’s system in any way. And finally this software is compatible on every Windows OS. Thus, this app is the best way to keep track of one’s shares.

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Stock Ticker is an easy to download and use application which comes with convenient features and a simple user interface.

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