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Newly Launched Software for Easy TTF to EOT Conversion

Newly Launched Software for Easy TTF to EOT Conversion

USA – The free TTF to EOT converter software has been recently launched for those users who are looking for an inexpensive and quick tool to make the necessary font change. Both TTF and EOT, which stand for True Type Format and Embedded Open Type respectively, are not generally available. So using this free tool users can easily convert files from one format to another, without having to go for any additional downloads.

The main reason to go for TTF to EOT format conversion is it helps save disk space. TTF occupies much more space as compared to EOT. Hence, using this converter, users can have the same data in much lesser space. And since the software itself occupies very little disk space, it doesn’t adversely affect either the speed or the performance of one’s device. Additionally, this software doesn’t require any additional software and so can be directly used with any device that runs on Windows platform. And one can easily download and use the software without having to pay, subscribe or register with the website. Hence, it is absolutely free of cost.

Using the software is also quite easy. Once the download and installation is complete, the software is ready to use. The user just needs to upload the TTF files which are then converted and the new format saved to any destination folder as per the user’s preference. The converter comes with a simple user interface which means anybody with or without software knowledge can easily use it. Finally, users have the option to customize and choose the various parameters as per their preference.

About TTF to EOT converter

The TTF to EOT converter is for those who are looking for free software that can convert files from TTF to EOT format quickly.

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