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NEWT Introduces Ferno Powertraxx Evacuation Chair

NEWT Introduces Ferno Powertraxx Evacuation Chair

Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport (NEWT), a social and medical wheelchair transport serving the Chicagoland area, has added the Ferno EZ Glide Powertraxx Evacuation Chair to its services.

The Ferno EZ Glide Powertraxx Evacuation Chair is a professional mobility device that until now has only been used by fire departments and professional paramedic services. Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport (NEWT) has added this valuable piece of equipment to increase the safety provided to the person that is being transported.

By using the Ferno EZ Glide Powertraxx Evacuation Chair, NEWT will be able to navigate their customer up and down stairs effortlessly and safer than ever before. The device also allows the company to transport someone weighing up to 500 pounds up or down more than a dozen flights of stairs as long as that person is able to sit upright.

The chairs unique design, coupled with the fact that it is self-powered, makes NEWT an even more efficient and safer transportation option to the people in the Chicagoland area. Using the new chair allows the company to offer wheelchair transportation options to even more people in the area.

“We want everyone to be able to attend social events and family gatherings. We want anyone that needs to be at a medical appointment to have a way to get there. By using the Ferno Powertraxx Evacuation Chair, we are one step closer to making that a reality,” said George Folkerts, owner of NEWT.

The family owned and operated company as seen at provides 24 hour service 7 days a week. All of their employees have been certified by the state and have also taken medicar safety training courses so they can offer their customers exceptional service and peace of mind. They are able to transport people in wheelchairs to birthday and anniversary parties, weddings, funerals, to and from the airport, church, or anywhere else that a person would be unable to get to without help.

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About Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport:

NEWT is a family owned and operated medical and social wheelchair transport service based in Chicagoland. Having a mother, father and teenage granddaughter all in wheelchairs, the family run company has the experience and knowledge needed to provide the most comfortable and safest ways to transport loved ones in wheelchairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For More Information:
George Folkerts
Non-Emergency Wheelchair Transport
Chicagoland, IL Zip code
(630) 542-6398

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