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NextVision Releases Colibri, World’s Smallest Micro-Stabilized Camera

NextVision Releases Colibri, World’s Smallest Micro-Stabilized Camera


RAANANA, ISRAEL – NextVision Stabilized Systems Ltd., a leading maker of micro-stabilized cameras, announced today that is has released the Colibri, its newest high-end micro stabilized gimballed dual EO/IR camera for day and night operations.  The Colibri is designed to fit ground, aerial, and marine applications where image quality cannot be compromised.  Weighing 160 grams and just f53mm [2.09”] x 78 mm [3.07”] in size, the Colibri is the smallest camera of its kind in the world.

“Instead of procuring a thermal camera, an EO zoom camera and a gimbal, balancing the gimbal, tuning the stabilization and finally reaching a solution with higher cost, less performance and reduced reliability,” said Michael Grosman, CEO of NextVision. “We’ve changed all that. One can simply use the Colibri to reach maximal performance while saving cost and precious time.”

The Colibri is part of NextVision’s complete family of micro cameras.  It enables a seamless switch between NextVision’s cameras, assuring that a small effort made to integrate the Colibri within a system can later be leveraged for effortless connections to different NextVision’s cameras.  Moreover, NextVision’s family of cameras allows the user to offer multiple options to end-users at various price levels and capabilities.

The Colibri provides superior image quality both during day and night times, outstanding gyro stabilization, and lower power consumption. It incorporates top-of-the-line components: a sensitive thermal sensor, high-end motors, modern optics, and so forth.  Yet, the camera is affordable.

A third generation product, Colibri leverages the long experience of the MicroCam-DUL.  It is the outcome of meticulous cost, size and weight reduction process applied to the MicroCam-DUL. The Colibri delivers NextVision’s reputable performance in an extremely small package.  The Colibri delivers EO, ZOOM, IR, Gimbal & Stabilization – all within 160 grams.  The EO camera of the Colibri incorporates x6.6 zoom + x2 digital zoom to a total of x13.2 zoom.  The thermal camera of Colibri can have either 640×480 or 384×288 resolution.

Colibri has already started selling in pre-release orders.  To learn more about Colibri, visit

Company: NextVision
Address : Hamasger 1, Ra’anana 4365201 Israel
Phone : +972-77.534.20.41
Fax : +972-77.534.20.40

Contact name: Michael Grosman

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