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Night Copter Toy Company Among Those Affected by Port Slowdown

Night Copter Toy Company Among Those Affected by Port Slowdown

Portland, OR – President Obama may have just now stepped in, but west coast port slowdowns are no recent event.

Just ask the parents of the kids who begged their parents for a Night Copter this past Christmas.

“I was worried. We kept hearing it would be any day, any day. I heard that for almost a month,” said Jeremy, father of a seven year-old.

An entire shipment of product – everything the company planned to sell during its busy holiday season– sat in the Port of Portland from November 6th to December 17th, victim of a vicious port slowdown that is only now getting national attention.

“There was nothing I could do about it,” said the company’s owner, Jesse Johnson. “It was frustrating knowing that the toys were less than a mile away, but may as well have been 5,000 miles away.”

The company says it lost tens of thousands of dollars in lost retail sales due to the delay.

“We essentially missed the entire holiday season,” said Jesse. “And we weren’t the only ones either.”

The news of ongoing port negotiations comes on the heels of the announcement by Hanjin, which accounts for 80% of the port’s traffic, that it is pulling out of the Port of Portland.

“After what happened and the mess that the port has created for itself, I don’t blame Hanjin for leaving. I really don’t,” said Jesse. “I fear now for the trickle-down effect this is going to have on the Oregon economy, but at the same time maybe this will force the port to work things out and start rebuilding its broken system.”

Night Copter Toy Company is the manufacturer and distributor of the eponymous rubber band-launched light-up flying toy known as the Night Copter. It’s based in Portland, Oregon. Its owner, Jesse Johnson, has been selling toys at fairs and festivals since childhood.

Jesse Johnson
Night Copter Toy Company
Ph: (503) 857-7743
6515 SE Aspen St
Portland, OR 97222

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