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Ningbo-E-Man offers a wide range of Assorted Plastic Products

Ningbo-E-Man offers a wide range of Assorted Plastic Products

China, 30, April 2016: Plastic is an extremely indispensable element that finds universal use. It is used as an ingredient and a raw material for manufacturing an endless range of items that are used on the commercial as well as domestic front. For instance, plastic is used for making toys, baby products, buckets, kitchenware, dinnerware, boxes, bottles, and so on. Then again, different forms of plastic like ABS, polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyvinyl chloride are used for making pipes, cisterns, tanks, commodes, and so on and so forth. There are numerous manufacturing concerns, both big and small that churn out plastic-based products on an everyday basis for supplying to local, national and overseas markets.

Ningbo E-Man Plastic Co. Ltd is one reputed company based in China with its production facility located in Ningbo City that manufactures across-the-board plastic items. The assorted plastic products that the business organization manufactures can be classified under the categories of ‘household items’, ‘brushes’, ‘baby products, and ‘kitchen tools’. For instance, the different items it produces under the listing of ‘baby products’ include ‘baby hair brush’, baby feeding bowl, ‘keep and stay warm kids bowl’, ‘Wooden baby hair brush and combo set’, and ‘safety baby food scissors’. The kitchen tools it makes are plastic wine glass, colorful wine cup, plastic cake mold, plastic cookie cutter, pet food fork, cheap plastic coffee heat resistant cup mat, plastic banana cutter, French fries cup, plastic jar lid opener, and plastic butter knife to name a few.

Included under the category of ‘household items’ are products like plastic travel toothbrush box, female standing urination device, plastic travel towel box, plastic pill box, plastic jewelry box, plastic tissue roller, plastic powder milk container, plastic soap holder, cute mini cosmetic rack lipstick case, and plastic paint pot opener. The end-user or a distributor of plastic items placing an online order for any particular item or a group of products can be sure about the high quality and durability of the same. All items fabricated by Ningbo E-Man use the best grade of plastic variant including ABS, polypropylene, PVC, polystyrene, and thermoplastic resin.

The company has a very large manufacturing unit spread over an area covering approximately 4,000 sq. meters in Ningbo City. Owing to its location adjacent to the Lishe International Airport, the entity is able to process and export orders to its individual and industrial clientele located in the countries of Europe, North America, and Japan. Of course, the company also sends shipments across sea and land routes. Over the years, the corporation has been increasing its overall production on a gradual basis. Presently, it has a turnover capacity of 20 million TPA (tones per annum) which has a yearly sales value of $4 million.

About Us

Ningbo E-Man Plastic Co. Ltd is a well-known Chinese conglomerate that is exclusively engaged in producing and supplying a comprehensive range of plastic items.

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Company: Ningbo E-Man Plastic Co .Ltd
Address: Xinshidai Industrial park, dongyang village, shigan town
Yinzhou country, Ningbo, China
Phone: 86-574-88256957
Fax: 86-574-88256157
Mob: 86-15825575902
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