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No More Need To Get Bewildered About Where To Meet

No More Need To Get Bewildered About Where To Meet

Here is a great news. There is a new app available now and this allows people to find out the perfect meeting place between two locations. The best benefit of the app, that has been named as “BetweenUs”, is that it is not difficult to use. Just a few taps are enough for using it.

This is especially useful for those who want to meet their friends at a half-way point since the friends may be living in another corner of the town. Likewise, those who want to find a new restaurant for meeting some known people will also find the app useful. Similarly, those who visit a new state and want to find a hotel can also use this app. In short, this app can help find coffee shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, and many such places.

Another benefit of BetweenUs is it can easily be downloaded. It works well on the iPhone in the United States.

One of the key features of Betweenus is it helps in finding the fastest way between two places. For example, if a person wants to meet her friend, she can find the fastest way between her place and her friend’s place. She can choose Search Point for picking any spot along the route to meet. Lastly, she can find a venue according to the meeting category for meeting the friend.

How to use the app

Users should first enter their location as well as the friend’s location on the Start Screen. The app can also calculate the current location of the user as well as the friend.

The user now knows the fastest route between the locations. Then, for having a better idea of where to meet, the user must review the route. So, using the Search Point feature is the next step for which the slider at the screen’s bottom has to be adjusted. This helps the user in finding the spot where she can meet the friend.

But for determining the venue, the meeting category must be taken into account. So, the user must select the right category so as to see the venues that are closest to the search point. By trying various categories or search points, the right venue can easily be chosen.

For deciding and picking the venue, the user must know its distance from the search point she has selected. The app will show a lot of venues if the user clicks on the MORE button.

The user must be certain that the venue is good. Once it is confirmed, they can call the venue manager or contact them via their website. The user can get the route from her location to the venue also and intimate the friend about the meeting place. The app offers support service also.

About BetweenUs

BetweenUs is an app that helps users in finding a perfect meeting place between locations. Once users determine the Search Point, they can find the venues like bars, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. at the venues depending upon the meeting category.

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