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Norton Law Corporation Offers Tips for Protecting Trademarks and Copyrights

Norton Law Corporation Offers Tips for Protecting Trademarks and Copyrights

Trademark and copyright related issues are often complicated. Southern California based law practice, Norton Law Corporation offers advice related to copyright and trademarks.

Trademark and copyright cases are often complicated. They often go beyond showing that a business owns a particular mark, but they also often concern intellectual property rights. If a businessperson finds him or herself in a trademark case, he or she might contact a law firm such Norton Law Corporation, which specializes in trademark and copyright law.

Norton Law Corporation offers consultation to new companies looking to develop a brand and trademark. While acting as a trademark attorney, as seen at , Norton Law Corporation also offers its clients tips on how to maximize their trademark’s benefit while minimizing the costs related to it. These may include advising on how to handle an office action from the USPTO or how to make sure a corporation meets all deadlines and requirements to renew its trademark. Norton Law can also offer tips related to trademark licensing; if the right legal strategy is followed, trademark licensing can return a high profit margin to the owner.

A copyright attorney in Los Angeles such as Norton Law Corporation, as seen at , assists Los Angeles’s longstanding and aspiring visual artists, writers and photographers by offering tips on registration. While specific registration is not necessary for work to be considered copyrighted, it ensures the artist receives all benefits of the copyright of his or her work.

Another one of Norton Law’s specialties involves trademark registration as seen at . The firm represents clients through the several steps necessary for developing and registering a trademark. These include advice on how to search for similar marks across trademark databases, how to draft a trademark application, and what details may positively or negatively affect the trademark’s registration.

About Norton Law Corporation:

Norton Law Corporation was founded on the idea that business people could enjoy friendly, professional legal services that are designed to meet their particular needs. Founder Eric Norton communicates with each client to tailor his company’s legal assistance to individual business requirements, including trademark, copyright and business incorporation services.

For More Information:
Eric Norton
Norton Law Corporation
3420 Bristol Street, 6th Floor
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 760-9289

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