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Norton Law Discusses Trademark Office Action Response

Norton Law Discusses Trademark Office Action Response

Southern California based law firm Norton Law Corporation specializes in Trademark and Copyright legal issues. The law practice now offers advice related to trademark Office action response.

A trademark is an identifiable sign, design, or expression that identifies a company or another type of organization’s products and services as unique to the organization itself. Coca-Cola’s white wave on a red field is a strong example, as is Nike’s Swoosh. When applying for a new trademark, the US Patent and Trademark Office may issue an Office action, which is a rejection due to conflicts concerning the proposed trademark. To help people better understand the process, Norton Law Corporation shares helpful information with potential and current clients.

Norton Law Corporation, as seen at , realizes that legal prosecution and defense are often very expensive, especially to smaller organizations that operate on a more restricted budget. Norton Law Corporation utilizes a number of simple measures that can prevent their clients from losing a substantial amount of money due to an Office action. For example, by consulting with their trademark clients, performing a comprehensive trademark clearance search, and scrutinizing an organization’s application for compliance, a client can rest assured there are no conflicts with another organization’s existing marks.

If an Office action is issued by the USPTO, the applicant has six months to file a response. Eric Norton of Norton Law Corporation, as seen at , will take the time to explain the situation so that it is understood by their clients, then consult with them on the best possible course of action.

One situation that an organization responding to a trademark application rejection by an examining attorney wants to avoid whenever possible is unnecessary delay. Once an Office action has been filed, the applicant has 6 months to file a response. If the action is not responded to within this timeframe, the USPTO determines that the application is abandoned and the entire trademark application process must be started over. Therefore, expediency when dealing with Office actions is vital. Norton Law Corporation, as seen at , provides clients with the quick and necessary response to the Office action. Norton Law Corporation has the experience required to ensure client trademarks are legally registered with the minimum amount of time and financial cost to the client.

About Norton Law Corporation:

Norton Law Corporation was founded on the idea that business people could enjoy friendly, professional legal services that are designed to meet their particular needs. Founder Eric Norton communicates with each client and tailors his firm’s legal assistance to their individual business requirements, including trademark, copyright and incorporation services.

For More Information:
Eric Norton
Norton Law Corporation
3420 Bristol Street, 6th Floor
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 760-9289

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