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Now, customize desktop with different analog and digital clocks

Now, customize desktop with different analog and digital clocks

The Free Clock Screensaver is an app that has been launched exclusively for the Windows platform, and allows users to customize and functionalize their desktops and computer screens, with clocks of different types.

Today’s work environment being truly global, most professionals need to keep track of time in other countries as well, and this is not always possible just by mental calculation. The Free Clock Screensaver allows for this functionality and many more too. This application has both analog and digital clocks to choose from, in a wide variety of designs and formats. For those who need timers and a timed environment to work in at all times, there are many digital versions.

The Free Clock Screensaver also provides for dual or multiple time clocks, i.e., showing the time for different time zones at once. This function adds to the versatility of the app as well. The software is also light, meaning it takes up hardly any disk space, less than half of 1 MB.

Users can chose from 24 hour or 12 hour time formats, for both analog and digital formats. The Free Clock Screensaver also comes with a host of other advantages. It is totally free of cost, and like mentioned earlier, does not occupy much disk space. It is totally safe to download too, and does not come with any attached so-called ‘default’ downloads too.

About The Free Clock Screensaver

The Free Clock Screensaver is an application that allows users to customize their desktop and screensaver with clocks of different types and formats. This can be changed at any time to any format, depending on the need of customers, and which time format they prefer. This is a very versatile and user friendly tool.

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