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Now Treat Heart Disease Without Surgery Ludhiana Clinic is Hope When Bypass Fails

Now Treat Heart Disease Without Surgery Ludhiana Clinic is Hope When Bypass Fails

Heart patients unfit for or after failed bypass surgery now have hope to live with External Counter Pulsation (ECP/EECP), Chelation Therapy and Ozone therapy.

Ludhiana, Punjab, Aug 31, 2016 — There is now hope for heart patients unfit for bypass surgery or angioplasty stents, when these have failed and those wanting to avoid invasive and surgical procedures. While diet, exercise, and medication are well known External Counter Pulsation (ECP/EECP), Chelation Therapy, Ozone therapy and Extra-corporeal Shockwave Myocardial Revascularization (ESMR) are les known treatments that can save you from heart surgery. Dr Sibia, called father of Chelation therapy is Director of Sibia Medical Centre, located in Ludhiana in northern India says “Surgery is not always better than non-surgical treatments.”

Proper diet and exercise should be part of any treatment regime. Drugs dilate the coronary arteries enabling more blood to be delivered to the heart tissue as long as the effect of the drug lasts to provide comfort but do not tackle the root cause of disease.

In ECP cuffs are wrapped around the legs and arms are ECG timed to inflate and compress blood vessels and increase blood flow to the heart. ECP causes small blood vessels to open and stimulates formation of new blood vessels. As blood circulation is enhanced through body’s own blood vessels ECP is also called “natural bypass”. The treatment is given one hour at a time, once or twice a day for 35 hours.

Arteries get narrowed due to plaques, a complex deposition of cholesterol and calcium. Chelating agent grabs calcium, lead and other heavy metal toxins to heal arterial wall health. EDTA Chelation therapy as per American College for Advancement of Medicine is given twice or thrice a week for 20 to 30 sessions. Chelation Therapy, ACAM protocol is reported to also improve memory and mental ability, fatigue and slow down the aging process. Thousands of patients with recurrence after angioplasty stents and bypass surgery have benefitted with Chelation Therapy. Compiled results of over 24,000 chelation patients reported 88 percent patients improved.

Chelation therapy along with ozone also called chelox or chezone is superior to Chelation alone for cardiovascular tissue hungry for oxygen and nutrients. Kidney disease, diabetes and coronary artery disease are often interlinked and Ozone Therapy is effective on all three diseases and hence can be used as complimentary medicine with other treatments. Oral Chelation is safe and inexpensive treatment for maintenance program after completion of IV Chelation course and for people who cannot attend IV chelation clinics.

Dr Sibia, the pioneers of Zero Surgery treatments says “As blockages can form in the grafted arteries or veins or in arteries that weren’t blocked earlier taking medicines, making lifestyle changes, Chelation Therapy and External Counter Pulsation are recommends as cardiac rehabilitation.

Contact: Dr Sibia, an MD in internal medicine from Government Medical College, Patiala has interest in non-surgical treatments. He introduced the Zero Surgery concept in India that many have followed worldwide. Dr Sibia can be contacted on Mb: +91 98140 34818 or Email: drsibia@gmail.com and more information had from www.SibiaMedicalCentre.com.

Dr Sibia
Sibia Medical Centre
B/XIX-568 A, Civil Lines
Ludhiana, Punjab 141001
+91 161 2444818


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