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Now, view movies across different platforms and formats

Now, view movies across different platforms and formats

The Free DivX Player is a very resourceful tool that allows users to watch videos and movies, and at the same time convert the video or movie to a different format, if they wish to. The reason this tool is very different from other tools is the fact that it has a dual function. The Free DivX Player, first and foremost, acts as a regular video/movie player. This means that users need not have two different software applications to play vides and convert them to different formats, since The Free DivX Player does the job of both.

The quality and resolution of the player is superior. Users can choose the resolution in which they wish to watch the video/ movie. HD viewing is also available, which has crystal clarity.

The Free DivX Player is also useful for converting videos to different formats. For example, if users need a video to be watched only on mobile devices, they can choose to convert to formats like MP3, MP4, 3GP, etc. When they are to be viewed on flash player, conversion to FLV is available. In spite of having so many functional features, the application is very fast in its operation and is also very user –friendly, which are two major advantages of the Free DivX Player.

About The Free DivX Player

The Free DivX Player is a tool that users can use extensively view videos across different devices and formats as well. This is a highly versatile tool, since it has a lot of options to make conversions. This is also a safe tool to download, since it is free from malware.

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