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NSF to PST Converter to Export Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST

NSF to PST Converter to Export Lotus Notes NSF to Outlook PST

These days email applications have turned into the most critical part of an association for communication. It offers different inbuilt functionalities to the users, which are required for the email data management. In this way, as indicated by the prerequisite users continue changing starting with one email application to another. One such exchanging of an email client is from Lotus Notes NSF to PST record position. In the following section, we will talk about the need and approach to change over Lotus Notes Notes to Outlook format.

 nsf to pst

What is the Need for convert NSF to PST conversion:

  • Organizations want to Convert NSF database to Outlook Format
  • Lotus Domino server has been virus attack.
  • Sometimes you face the challenges about in your company one employee changed the job and he wants to convert his data from NSF to PST
  • Some Selective Lotus Notes mailboxes items imported into PST Format immediately.


Method to Convert NSF to PST conversion

There are two method available of the conversion:-

  • The first one is manual solution using Import, Export Wizard
  • Second one is using third party NSF to PST converter Software


Manual solution:

Steps to convert NSF file to PST manually:-

Export the mailboxes from Outlook

  1. First of all Open Lotus Notes then go to Mail.
  2. Go to file and click on Export
  3. Now you will see a new POP UP Window with the name of Export Wizard. You have right to choose any one option that is tabular and structured Text format. Then click Continue button till the process of exporting.

Both the Option will be supported by Outlook so you can select anyone:-

  1. Click on Export to end the wizard after the export process complete.

Import mailboxes from Lotus Notes:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook
  2. Go to file and Click on Import and Export option
  3. Now you ave to click on Next option to open Export & Import
  4. Select the Format to export the data.
  5. Click on Next and select the data to be targeted that is to click the format to be desirable.
  6. Select the format to export the data.
  7. Click on Next and select the browse button to choose the file which you want to export into Lotus Notes
  8. Again Repeat this process until the file will not be converted.

Sometimes manual methods takes a lot of time and make error during the conversion so we have third party tool NSF to PST Converter available.



  • This method support Outlook 2000 & its below version.
  • Issue of missing email attachment.
  • Lotus Notes is costly as compare to Outlook


Alternative Solution for NSF to PST Conversion:

One can also download a free demo version of NSF to PST Converter tool yet with it you can save just the initial ten converted NSF files. For further converting over and saving files from NSF to PST format you have to purchase the full version. So utilizing a third party tool like NSF to PST Converter tool not only our times as well as requires no specialized help to complete the conversion from NSF to PST.

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