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NutBid Comes Out With Offers to Win $7500

NutBid Comes Out With Offers to Win $7500

Leading online auction site, NutBid, has come out with a grand prize of $5000 and another prize of $2500 for its users who will buy more than 10 nut packs or will win the most number of auctions by 25th December.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, December 12, 2014 — Leading online auction sites from USA, NutBid is offering what they call “offer of a lifetime” to their offers and are confident that these will make their users happier when the Christmas comes. The offers were made public yesterday when the company formally launched the offers.

The first offer states that whoever buys more than 10 nut packs of $100 or more will stand to win a prize of $2500. Which means by spending $100810 = $1000, one can win 2.5 times of prize, i.e. $2500. As these nuts are needed to place bids, users will need them if they use NutBid’s online auctions. So, essentially, for buying what one needs, he or she stand to win $2500?

The grand prize, which is the other offer to be made public by the company, states that whoever wins the most auctions by 25th December will receive Whooping $5000 grand prize. This offer means now users will try to bid more often and will try to win as many auctions as possible to take home the $5000 when the Christmas arrives and thus will be making his Christmas ever merrier.

When contacted, the company said, “Nutbid believe that happy customers are returning customers and nothing can make someone happier than to give them a gift during their most happy moment of the year, the Christmas. NutBid, decided to thank the users who have made us the number one in this category by staying true to us. Nutbid hope that these two contests will be well received by customers and they will continue their patronage of our services and also take this opportunity to wish them all a very merry Christmas.”

These offers are likely to boost the positions of NutBid as the leading online auction sites in the North America as both the offers are surprisingly good and is expected to be liked by the existing customers as well as the newer customers who will sign up to enter these contests.

NutBid offers amazing deals on products from famous brands like Apple, Microsoft, Sony, British Petroleum, Google, Samsung, LG, Amazon and others in segments like home appliances, consumer electronics, gift cards, clothing’s, kitchen appliances and others. With up to 95 per cent of discount on retail prices and manufacturer guarantee on every product, along with delivery tracking system has made NutBid a must-go for every online bidding sites enthusiast.

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