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Nuubia San Francisco Opens Retail Location in Mid-market Twitter Building

Nuubia San Francisco Opens Retail Location in Mid-market Twitter Building

Nuubia San Francisco brings its fine chocolates, confections, macarons and ice creams made exclusively from humanely-sourced ingredients direct to San Franciscans.
San Francisco, CA, Jan 21, 2015 — Nuubia San Francisco, the world’s first confectioner committed to sourcing wildlife-friendly ingredients is pleased to announce the opening of its first San Francisco retail location, located in the city’s new culinary epicenter, the Market on Market. Aimed at providing San Franciscans a new standard for ultra-fine confections, fine chocolates, sipping chocolates, macarons and French ice creams, Nuubia’s mid-Market location will also serve as a platform to showcase the company’s conservation efforts.
“Conservation is at the core of Nuubia’s DNA,” said Nuubia CEO and Co-Founder Alexandra Saunders. “While we are extremely proud of the international awards head chocolatier Lionel Clement has garnered, we are even more proud that our commercial aspirations and operations benefit the preservation and protection of the planet.”
Previously only available to top chefs and fine hotels, the shining mid-Market location, with its warm walnut and copper tones will be the public’s first opportunity to buy Nuubia direct, elevating the standard of what San Francisco expects in fine chocolates. Nuubia will also be showcasing its acclaimed seasonal fruit gelées and 12 flavors of rich, dense French ice creams.
All Nuubia San Francisco’s ingredients are sourced completely palm oil-free to show that fine food producers can be vested in the protection of species, ecosystems and the planet.  “We look forward to showing how wildlife ties in with sustainably-harvested fine ingredients and making these efforts known to others who passionately respect ecosystems, animals and humanity,” says Saunders. “We want to to demonstrate that ‘green’ in no way means a compromise in product quality.”
About Nuubia Inc:
Nuubia San Francisco is a fine artisan chocolatier located in the San Francisco Bay Area whose award-winning products produced with proprietary processes and techniques contain only Earth-friendly ingredients. The Company is committed to inspiring people to care about the planet, value the amazing ecosystems from which ingredients are derived and produce products that are congruent with respecting and preserving the natural environment. Nuubia San Francisco is also collaborating with the world famous San Diego Zoo, introducing zoo patrons to fine products that are made without the use of palm oil.
For more information contact Alexandra Saunders. (925) 858-5539 and visit Nuubia San Francisco (

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