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Oasis Patios: Perth’s Leading Patio and Pergola Experts

Oasis Patios: Perth’s Leading Patio and Pergola Experts

Perth, Australia; 23, January 2016: Based in Maddington, Oasis Patios are passionate about their work. They are experts in porches, decks, carports and pergolas. In fact, many people across WA, not just Perth, truth their superior knowledge. Run by owners Daniel and Simon, Oasis Patios is an Australian born and bred company.

Oasis Patios

What makes Oasis Patios unique?

Perth’s patio provider is also backed by a team of specialists that offer perfection. Their work is outstanding, and their attention to detail in what they do is beyond compare. With many satisfied customers, Oasis Patios is a brand homeowners can trust. But, what makes Oasis Patios different to its competitors?

A passion for patios

One example can get found in the patios they offer. Oasis Patios have a passion for modern style, something they can apply to any property. Homeowners love the products Oasis install for them. Not only does it give their homes more kerb appeal, it increases their value too!

They offer a variety of different options, from hip end and pyramid to flat and dome patios. The products they provide have a variety of uses for homeowners. From emphasising a garden’s unique features to offering weather protection, they suit many needs. When it comes to getting Patios in Perth, Oasis is the leading brand people turn to.

Bike enclosures

It doesn’t matter whether one owns a bicycle or a motorbike. What does matter is they have somewhere safe and secure to store them at their homes. Oasis can design and build a variety of bespoke bike enclosures for their clients. Each one gets built to the highest standards, and features only quality materials.


One’s vehicles need to have sufficient protection from the elements. Nature can be quite destructive when she wishes to be, and cars aren’t cheap to repair from hail damage!

The good news is carports offer a cost-effective and practical solution to the problem. They are useful for those that do not have a garage by their houses. Oasis Patios have designed and built a plethora of carports for its customers over the years.


There’s no denying that pergolas provide an attractive feature to any home. Clients can select from a broad range of pergola options when they buy from Oasis Patios.

Each pergola gets designed to suit one’s needs and styles. At Oasis Patios, there is no “one size fits all” solution on offer. That means customers get their dream patios without compromise.

About Oasis Patios:

The premier supplier and installer of patios and outdoors items for Perth and WA. Oasis Patios provides a raft of design and build services. Examples include carports, bike enclosures, and pergolas. They also offer custom design and construction services too. Oasis Patios got founded by experts Daniel and Simon and is today a trusted brand.

For more information, contact:
Daniel Cole
10/15 Alloa Road
Tel: +61 (0)8 9452 0905

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