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ODES: Affordable Offshore Data Entry Solution

ODES: Affordable Offshore Data Entry Solution

Outsourcing to India received an impetus back in the early 2000s, when it was chiefly about the IT and Software industry. In the subsequent years it expanded to include a host of other things, such as transcription, healthcare and data entry. And when you mention “data entry” and “India” in the same breath, you cannot refrain from mentioning ODES (acronym for Outsource Data Entry Services). Having had more than fifteen years of experience in the data outsourcing business, it has honed its techniques and employee skill to perfection; which is reflected in the superior quality of its services. Among the services offered by it, there are things such as: Data Entry Services, Document Conversion Services, Scanning Services, Data Mining Services, Document Process Outsourcing, Forms Processing, eBook publishing and a host of other things. Let’s have a look at what each of these services means when expanded:

Data Entry Services: This refers to the work of maintaining all business-related data in a structured manner on the company’s computer database. There are sub-types of this kind of service; that includes online data entry, offline data entry, data capture and document indexing.

Document Conversion Services: This refers to conversion of data and documents from one format to another, e.g. from paper to scanned virtual copies, or from MS-Word text to PDF. This, like data entry, is very essential for a company, but equally tedious at the same time. Some of the services offered at ODES under ‘document conversion’, are document digitisation, excel formatting, word formatting, OCR and PDF conversion.

Scanning Services: ODES accepts outsourcing of scanning services. It scans a vast variety of documents, starting from Book, Form and Invoice to Microfiche and Microfilm. They harbour a great capacity for converting massive amounts of documents into digital format. A few of the key benefits of the scanning services are that information can be shared very easily and on a very large scale, any document can be accessed with a single click of the mouse, a massive reduction in the cost of storage and other overhead inventory, and a “Go Green” scheme aimed at bringing down paper utilisation (which is made possible by digitisation of paper documents).

Data Mining Services: A lot of data is used and generated by the business each day, and therefore it needs to be studied in a comprehensive pattern; which results in extraction of raw data, which is useful to a company’s functions, and then organising and processing that data into useful information.

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About Odes:
ODES is an Indian data entry outsourcing company located in Gujarat, India. Ensuring client satisfaction and consistently maintaining high quality are its twin pillars of success.

Contact Us:

204 Atlantis Enclave, Opp Maruti Row House
Nr. Subhash Chowk, Memnagar
Ahmedabad – 380052, Gujarat, INDIA

244 5th Avenue, Suite 2452,
New York, NY, 10001 USA

US: 347-809-3392
UK: 020-3239-3523

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