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Offshore Anchor and Marine Stockless Anchor

Offshore Anchor and Marine Stockless Anchor

Offshore Anchor include SPEK Anchor , AC-14 HHP Anchor, Danforth HHP Anchor, Delta Flipper Anchor is welding anchor, easy assembled. AC-14 HHP Anchor and Danforth HHP Anchor is casting anchor. All offshore anchor is high holding power anchor.

China quality marine and offshore supplier:

Marine Stockless Anchor is traditional anchor of marine anchor, widely used for shipbuilding, ship repare in cargo vessel, container vessel, oil tanker, bulk carrier, yacht, VLCC and etc.

Hall Anchor including Hall Anchor, JIS Stockless Anchor, SPEK Anchor, all anchor are made of casting steel, ZG200-400C, the weight is from 100kgs to 25000kgs. Weight deviation allowed is -3% and +7% between the actual weight and nominal weight, at the same time, the tolerance for dimension of anchor is +/- 4% but within 20mm.

Most of Marine Stockless is class F Efficiency, Class F Efficiency range from 4 to 6, square shank, no stock stabilizers, such as US Navy Stockless Anchor, Byes Anchor, Union Anchor, and SPEK Anchor.

Hall anchor is widely used in the various marine vessel, manufactured as GB/T 546-1997, our design drawings and productions of anchors have been approved from LR, ABS,BV, DNV, KR, NK, GL, IRS and CCS classification society. Each anchor can be supplied with classification certificate.

Hall Anchor has three types, Type A, Type B, and Type C:
Type A: Rectangle Shank
Type B: Round Shank
Type C: Short Rectangle Shank

SPEK Anchor is the improved anchor with lower point of gravity based on hall anchor, Anchor fluke grounded easily, more stability, when SPEK Anchor haul up, anchor fluke will turn over against the hull, which would not make damage to ship hull.

JIS Stockless Anchor is also one types of stockless anchor, anchor flukes dig into the seabed, holding power to weight is from 2.5 to 4, drop anchor and weigh anchor is very convenient, so it is commonly used as Bow Anchor for commercial vessel.

U.S Navy Stockless Anchor is available from 300KGS to 30000KGS.
Baldt Stockless Anchor is available from 200KGS to 25000kgs.

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