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Okeyfood Co Ltd Is a Prime Global Distributor of Beverages Infused With Aloe Vera

Okeyfood Co Ltd Is a Prime Global Distributor of Beverages Infused With Aloe Vera

Shanghai, China; 14, September 2016: Living and working in the 21st century is fraught with stress that most individuals both young and old find difficult to grapple with. There’s an intense pressure on everybody to find a judicious balance between work life and family life that exacts its toll on people both physically and mentally. Amidst such a scenario, it wouldn’t be out of place to suggest that one should do his or her best to lead a healthy lifestyle by adapting to a balanced diet, taking meals at fixed timings regularly, working for fixed hours, and getting a good night’s sleep. Okeyfood Co, established in the year 2007 is a reputed company fully conversant with the need to maintain one’s wellbeing and has been specializing in the formulation of Okyalo fresh aloe vera drink.

Okeyfood has been wholeheartedly engaged in preparing health drinks infused with nutritious juice of aloe vera. Aloe vera is an herbal plant whose use can be traced back to 1500 BC. Ancient civilizations that flourished in Asia and Africa were well aware of the health benefits of aloe vera. Even to this day, herbal extracts of aloe vera are used extensively (both topically and orally) for treating burns, sunburns, psoriasis, and genital herpes. There is conclusive evidence to suggest that aloe vera can be effective in lowering blood glucose levels of diabetics. This Shanghai based firm bottles Okyalo aloe vera gel drink with different flavors.

The Okyalo fresh aloe vera drink prepared by Okeyfood is available in a range of nutritious flavors including mango, strawberry, original, fresh pineapple, multivitamin lychee flavor, peach, coconut, guava, and pomegranate. These flavors are available in juice and gel varieties. Each and every bottle contains pure aloe vera gel and pulp that is extracted from the company’s own commercial farm. The beverages are totally pure as no preservatives or artificial flavors are added that may contain chemicals. Hence, the beverages are totally safe for drinking from the perspective of one’s health. Okeyfood has the capacity of bottling 10,000 units every hour as there are a total of three highly efficient production lines.

All Okyalo aloe vera gel drink with different flavors are certified by BRC, KOSHER, FDA, ISO, and HACCP which guarantee their supreme quality. The firm has been supplying its beverages in over 30 countries for nearly 9 years and at rates that very few competitors can match. Okeyfood has a well-entrenched distributor network throughout the world. Prospective customers can place bulk orders for the company’s beverages either via an email or by making a phone call. The firm has an extremely efficient customer service department that is perfectly equipped to handle any query or issue as well as process online orders speedily.

About Okeyfood Co Ltd:

Okeyfood, based in Shanghai, is a well-known beverage company that supplies aloe vera drinks globally at competitive rates.

For Media Contact:
Phone: +8618621535227
Email: service@okyalo.com
Website: http://www.okyalo.com/

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