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Operate Terminal Equipments in VDI Infrastructures and Securely Manage them from a Central Location

Operate Terminal Equipments in VDI Infrastructures and Securely Manage them from a Central Location

Stratodesk presents the latest versions of its multi-vendor NoTouch solutions at VMworld 2015 Europe.

Barcelona, Spain, October 14, 2015 — Stratodesk, specialist for thin client and PC repurposing solutions (www.stratodesk.com), presents the latest versions of its “NoTouch” product family at VMworld Europe 2015 in Barcelona (12 to 15 October 2015). The focus is, among other things, on NoTouch High Security, a specially secured version of the Stratodesk client operating system, which is also suitable for applications with extremely high security requirements.

NoTouch is all about solutions that enable companies and organizations to use various devices such as thin clients or existing PCs in a particularly simple manner within a virtualized infrastructure and to manage them from a central location via a management platform.

NoTouch can be used completely hardware and vendor-independent. This makes the solutions also suitable for larger companies and infrastructures, where a mixture of devices that have grown over the years is used. By meaningfully reusing the existing hardware, costs and expenses can in many cases be reduced significantly.

Trend towards software:
“We are currently experiencing a clear trend towards software,” says Emanuel Pirker, CEO of Stratodesk Software GmbH. “The background to this development is also understandable. Which specific hardware box is ultimately used as client at the workstation of the end user is usually of secondary importance in today’s virtualized IT infrastructures. Specifications and performance data are often similar, the intelligence is mainly in the software. In many cases, and in the office applications typically used, older PCs or thin clients can easily be continued to be used. The potential performance capability of a fat client is anyway rarely exhausted.”

Pirker also points to the sharp rise in security needs in recent years:

“Through the various eavesdropping scandals and the thoroughly justified fears of industrial espionage and image-damaging data loss, many users are now much more sensitized when it comes to security matters in companies and organizations than a few years ago. Our new NoTouch High Security version with additional safety features is a clear response to this development. This provides even more protection to VDI infrastructures that already offer a high level of security by ceasing to use locally stored data and applications.”

About Stratodesk:
Stratodesk Software GmbH is an international software company focusing on thin clients, PC repurposing, desktop virtualization and intelligent client management. Together with renowned hardware partners, the company provides LISCON OS to thin clients with the Linux-based operating system. Stratodesk’s innovative NoTouch Desktop software product is a completely hardware-independent repurposing solution for a variety of terminal equipment. Both products provide access to classic server-based computing as well as to virtual and cloud desktops and support solutions from different manufacturers. The respective management tools cost-effectively facilitate the management of clients from a central location. Stratodesk has offices in Austria and California.

For more information: www.stratodesk.com

Anna Cmaylo
Stratodesk Software GmbH
Gabelsbergerstr. 11-13, 9020
Klagenfurt, Austria


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