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Organics-R-Us Introduces Natural Pet Products

Organics-R-Us Introduces Natural Pet Products

Organics-R-Us is an online retailer of organic and natural products including supplements, food and beverages. The company is now introducing natural pet products that will help pets and their owners live healthier and happier.

More and more consumers are making the decision to switch to natural and organic products. Organics-R-Us, an online retailer of organic products including food, beverages, supplements, remedies and baby care products, is now taking this health-consciousness one step further by introducing an array of natural pet products.

Pets, just like their human counterparts, require specific amounts of vitamins, minerals and protein to stay healthy. Pets also benefit from using natural and organic products that leave out artificial colors and flavors as well as toxins and other chemicals that can be harmful when ingested. Organics-R-Us offers a large selection of natural or organic cat treats, dog treats, pet supplements, salves and sprays, shampoos and more as seen at . For example, Petguard Organic Catnip contains a substance that elicits a “catnip response” while remaining free of toxic fertilizers, pesticides and sprays, keeping cats safe from any unwanted chemical effects.

Dogs require a large amount of protein in their diets and little to no grain, however many types of dog treats and foods contain wheat and other by-products. Organics-R-Us sells healthier alternatives for dogs as seen at such as Zuke’s Jerky Naturals, Zuke’s Super Berry Blend Treats, Zuke’s Z Filets and Zuke’s Lil’ Links. Made with all natural ingredients and antioxidant-rich herbs, these treats will keep any pet healthy and happy.

Shampoos and other grooming products can leave cats and dogs with dried out skin and an unhealthy coat as well as allowing toxins and other harmful chemicals to be absorbed into their skin. Utilizing organic products such as Ark Naturals Neem Protect Shampoo, Natural Chemistry Waterless Bath and PetGuard Shampoo and Conditioner for Dogs will ensure pet owners that their pets have a healthy coat without absorbing any unwanted toxins or chemicals.

Organics-R-Us continues to supply natural and organic products to consumers who want ecologically-sustainable household and personal care products for themselves and their pets. For more information or to purchase any of these natural pet products visit

For more information visit

About Organics-R-Us:

Organics-R-Us is committed to being the online leader in supplying customers with the finest in natural supplements, food, beverage, baby care, pet care, and natural remedies. This company also supplies customers with household and personal care products that are ecologically-sustainable.

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