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Organics-R-Us Offers Cold and Flu Remedies for this Flu Season

Organics-R-Us Offers Cold and Flu Remedies for this Flu Season

Cold and flu season is upon us, so stock up on natural cold and flu remedies from Organics-R-Us. Offering herbal remedies to assist with unpleasant cold and flu symptoms, you can use these natural products with peace of mind.

Fall means many pleasant things to people around the United States; the advent of the holidays beginning with the spooky fun of Halloween, followed by the family and spiritually focused holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas and ending with the New Year’s Eve celebration. For those who love American Football, the fall offers an abundance of college and professional games. Unfortunately, the fall is also known for something besides casual fun and cool weather: the flu. Every year, people experience the yucky symptoms of a fever, cough and a sore throat. The good news is that Organics-R-Us offers all natural remedies to counteract the autumn bug.

The company’s organic products section, as seen at , features Boericke and Tafel Alpha CF supplements. These tablets reduce the symptoms of colds. Take the pills as soon you feel a cold beginning. The result is relief from sneezing, coughing, fever, head and body aches associated with colds. These typically retail for about $11.00, but are periodically on sale.

Along with herbal remedies to assist with unpleasant flu-like symptoms, Organics-R-Us also sells supplements, as seen at , to help fight allergy-related discomfort. The supplement referred to as A Vogel Allergy Relief Liquid helps to relieve hay fever symptoms. This includes: sneezing, congestion, watery, swollen eyes. This particular anti-allergy supplement and others similar to it is currently on sale when purchased via the website.

Aside from supplements to combat allergy and cold symptoms, Organics-R-us also distributes aroma and air-born therapies, as seen at , to help people recover more quickly. The company’s Air Therapy Spray Silver Spruce offers aerosol and alcohol-free air freshener, leading to a feeling of calm and relaxation. It should be mentioned that rest is always considered among the most important ingredients to recovery and aroma therapy is a well-known aide to rest. Such aroma-producing sprays typically retail on the Organics-R-Us website for less than $10.00.

About Organics-R-Us:

Organics-R-Us is committed to being the online leader in supplying customers with the finest in natural supplements, food, beverage, baby care, pet care, and natural remedies. This company also supplies customers with household and personal care products that are ecologically-sustainable.

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