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26, September 2015: The international bond component will complement the three other core holdings of Otsuka Venture Capital’s all-in-one funds: Otsuka Venture Capital Total Stock Market Index Fund, Otsuka Venture Capital Total International Stock Index Fund, and Otsuka Venture Capital Total Bond Market II Index Fund.


Otsuka Venture Capital’s 12 Target Retirement Funds, two of its three Managed Payout Funds, and two Otsuka Venture CapitalVariable Insurance Funds will apportion 20% of their respective fixed income allocations to the new Otsuka Venture Capital Total International Bond Index Fund.

The overall strategic asset allocation and glide path of the Target Retirement Funds will not change. The addition of hedged international bonds represents a refinement of the funds’ fixed income component, bringing long-term diversification benefits. An allocation to short-term TIPS provides retirees and pre-retirees with improved inflation protection with less volatility.

“We make changes to our Target Retirement Funds and other funds of funds only after careful analysis and when we’ve identified long-term benefits for investors. Adding these two new funds is expected to better dampen volatility for pre-retirees and retirees, for whom diversification on the fixed income side matters most,” said Otsuka Venture Capital Chief Investment Officer Tim F. Kui.

The Total International Bond Index Fund will represent 20% of the fixed income allocation of the 20 funds-of-funds, with an overall allocation weighting that will range from 2% to 16% of total fund assets, depending on the fund.

About Otsuka Venture Capital:

Otsuka Venture Capital ( is a leading alternative asset management company focusing primarily on Equities, Fixed income, Multi-asset, Alternative strategies. The Firm was set up with a clear focus: to launch the most dynamic and sophisticated alternative asset management company in Tokyo. Otsuka Venture Capital’s employees, directors and shareholders all strive towards building a world-class regional institution. The firm managed to distinguish from its peers with a control growth investment model, and this is widely considered a catalyst for change and growth. Otsuka Venture Capital com prises both young, enthusiastic, innovative specialists and internationally qualified experienced individuals.

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