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Padre Electronics will tell you the development record of the lithium batteries

Padre Electronics will tell you the development record of the lithium batteries

America – May be you already become accustomed to the lithium batteries around your life but the development of this kind of battery should be new land for you. Nowadays, this article from famous Lithium battery manufacturer supplier Padre Electronics will let you know enough knowledge about the history and development of this product.

In 1970, Exxon¡¯s M.S.Whittingham used titanium sulfide as the material of cathode and the anode was made by lithium metal. This could be regarded as the world first lithium battery.

In 1980 years, J. Goodenough found that the lithium cobalt oxide could be used as the cathode material of lithium ion battery.

In 1982, R.R. Agarwal and J.R. Selman from the Illinois Institute of Technology found that the lithium ion could be embedded with graphite and this process is very fast and reversible. At the same time, the security feature of lithium batteries had been distrusted by people so people try to use embedded graphite lithium ion to make the rechargeable battery and the first available lithium-ion graphite was successful made by the America Bell Laboratories.

At 1983, M. Thackeray, J. Goodenough and other people found that manganese spinelis very good cathode material with the good features of low-cost, stable and excellent electrical conductive and lithium conductive properties. Its decomposition temperature is very high and the oxidation rate of this material is much lower than the lithium cobalt oxide. Even if there is the situation of short circuit and overcharge, it is possible to avoid the risked situations of burning and explosion.

At the year of 1989, A. Manthiram and J. Goodenough found that the application of the positive electrode with the anionic polymerization would produce higher voltage.

At 1991, Sony released the world first commercial used lithium ion battery. Subsequently, the lithium-ion batteries gradually revolutionized the face of consumer electronics products.

In 1996, Padhi and Goodenough found phosphate has the olivine structure, such as lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4), which has higher performance than the traditional cathode material. Therefore, this new material has become the mainstream of the cathode material.

With the widespread using of digital products such as mobile phones, laptops and other products, China lithium battery has got most widely application into those products as its excellent performance and gradually enters into product applications. Traditionally, people often regard the lithium batteries as the lithium-ion batteries but those two sorts of batteries are not the same battery. However, Lithium-ion batteries have become the mainstream of our daily life.

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