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Palo Alto Fit Celebrates Success of VIP Weight Loss Program That Addresses all Aspects of Body Transformation

Palo Alto Fit Celebrates Success of VIP Weight Loss Program That Addresses all Aspects of Body Transformation

Leading Palo Alto personal trainers Palo Alto Fit may well have cracked the code to getting and staying fit and healthy. The company recently celebrated the success of their transformational VIP Weight Loss Program in helping clients achieve their fitness goals and maintain their new fitness lifestyle well into the future.

Palo Alto, CA, January 27, 2017 — Experts agree getting and staying healthy and fit for the long term involves much more than just following a training program, no matter how well designed it may be. Instead it involves three key elements all being on point: the mind, the body and diet. Leading Palo Alto, California personal trainer Palo Alto Fit understand this well, building their special VIP Weight Loss Program around this fitness reality. Recently, Palo Alto Fit celebrated the ongoing success the VIP-Program has experienced in helping clients transform their lives for the better, becoming healthier, more fit and happier on a very consistent and reliable basis.

“At Palo Alto Fit our mission is to help our clients make positive changes in their fitness levels that last,” commented Nina Nguyen owner of Palo Alto Fit. “Our VIP Weight Loss Program was designed to address all of the important areas that make this possible. We believe in it’s effectiveness 100%, because everyday we see the positive results it delivers first hand. It takes work and it takes commitment, but the best things in life usually do. Come check out the difference and watch us exceed your expectations.”

According to the company, the VIP-Program delivers a structure that builds the mindset, smart training, sound nutrition and all important lifestyle changes that, when followed with commitment, can help a person stay in shape forever as old habits die and new healthy ones take their place. This is all under the watchful eye of the area’s best personal trainers, well known for their knowledge, ability to inspire and for truly caring about each and every client’s success. Of course, all training and diet recommendations are based on the individual client’s needs and goals, personalized to the fullest.

Feedback for the Palo Alto Fit VIP-Program has been quite passionate.

Chris C., from Palo Alto, recently said, “I had worked with trainers before lost some weight and became stronger, but the rebounded back to my original self – too heavy and too weak. I could tell right away the approach at Palo Alto Fit was completely different, when I joined the VIP Program. Once my mind fully committed, and I followed the suggestions about making healthy changes to my lifestyle, I could tell the weight I’m losing every month isn’t going to come back this time. Five stars all the way.”

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Nina Nguyen
Palo Alto Fit
3485 El Camino Real,
Palo Alto, CA 94306

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