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Pam-Xiamen’S Manufactures and Sells a Range of Compound Semiconductor Materials

Pam-Xiamen’S Manufactures and Sells a Range of Compound Semiconductor Materials

10, September 2015: The compound semiconductor materials have plenty of applications across various manufacturing and technological processes. However, it is not easy to come across a genuine manufacturer and seller online. Pam-Xiamen is a Chinese firm with specialization in epitaxy technologies, engineered substrates, manufacturing processes and semiconductor devices. It is consistently devoted to improve the overall quality of different substrates. The professional company has come up with investments made by several manufacturers of research field. An ISO certified company; it has received multiple honors and award in this field.

Pam-Xiamen has its range of Gallium nitride substrate (GAN shortly) wafer through an established technology. It is normally grown through hydride vapor phase epitaxy or HVPE technology ensuring low defect density. Such devices are primarily utilized as different components of high power and frequency power electronics. It includes satellites, cellular base stations, converters, inverters, and power amplifiers. It has minimal sensitivity with ionizing radiation making it suitable for sapceborn technologies. It features surveillance satellites, social cell arrays for high power and satellites.

Pam-Xiamen has GaN substrate well equipped to be out of the most significant new applications. All of these are well suited for FETs and HEMTs with an added convenience of usage. At the same time, it is suitable for III-Nitrides regrowth. Some of the well known relevant products in this range are templates, LED epitaxial wafers and HEMT epitaxial wafer.

With a well developed and evolved technology, Pam-Xiamen is able to supply next generation GaN wafer products. The company’s LED epitaxial wafer is developed for ultra high brightness blue and green light emitting diodes and laser diodes application. There is no doubt over Gallium Nitride being the new generation RF power transistor technologies. Interested people are welcome to visit the site and look for different properties of items. It includes thickness, size, orientation, dislocation density, resistivity and others.

The Silicon wafer supplier provides the shoppers with silicon carbide list for the purpose of reference and convenience. Small quantity for researcher or foundry is also accepted and delivery time depends upon available stock. The company strives to be a cost and performance oriented compound semi-conductor leader for production in wafer mass manufacturing. It is particularly for water fabrication and semi conductor device application.

Pam-Xiamen explores opportunities throughout the globe. It is well equipped to carter to client needs emphasizing high quality and a competitive pricing policy. The professionals cater to different requirements from small to big in this field. They strive for professional growth and expansion through ethical means.

About Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd.:

Pam-Xiamen is widely known for offering its unparalleled range of compound semiconductor substrate wafer and epitaxy for buyers. It has an advanced manufacturing technology upgraded from time to time as per changing trends. Visit the website for more information on products and services across different categories.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Mr.Victor Chan
Company: Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co., Ltd.
Phone: 0086-592-5601404
Fax: 0086-592-5745822

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