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Panama Relocation Tours Offers Super Saver Six-Day Tours

Panama Relocation Tours Offers Super Saver Six-Day Tours

Panama is a beautiful country, and those thinking of moving there will find that touring can make all the difference in their relocation decision. Panama Relocation Tours, a company that focuses on showing visitors the wonders of Panama and helping them decide to relocate now offers a wonderful six-day all inclusive package that includes many helpful tips on moving to Panama as well as an enjoyable tour of the country.

Panama Relocation Tours helps visitors connect with those who already call Panama home from countries throughout the world. With a tour itinerary that includes Panama City, Coronado/Gorgona, Santa Clara, Las Tablas, Santiago, David, Boquete and Volcan, visitors will experience the many facets of Panamanian life through cities of every description. Further, there will be information available on how to gain permanent residency in Panama, how to obtain a passport, the cost of living in various neighborhoods and areas throughout the country, how to open a bank account, how to obtain health insurance, how to bring pets and other details about moving to this country. Further, there will be information on various portable income opportunities in Panama’s thriving economy.

Two seats are currently available in previously sold-out tours. There are two spots available on the tour scheduled for January 17 to 22, 2015, as well as two seats for February 21 to 26, 2016. For more information, contact Melissa at immediately, as these seats will be taken quickly. Those who register before January 5, 2015, will be eligible for a $100 discount.

Airfare from David to Tocumen on Copa Airlines is included in the tour price. For those flying on other airlines, an $80 airfare credit will be deducted from the tour price.

About Panama Relocation Tour:

Panama has become a favorite spot for those who want to retire in Central America in a country that is beautiful and amenable to expatriates. Panama Relocation Tour not only allows visitors to see the natural beauty of the country and experience its vibrant cities but also to learn more about the realities of moving to Panama, including how to manage aspects of daily financial life.

Contact Information
Next Door LLC & Panama Relocation Tours, Inc.
Panama City, Panama
972-591-8282 or 972-496-6032

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