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ParrotUncle Launches New Series of Table Lamps for Children’s Room

ParrotUncle Launches New Series of Table Lamps for Children’s Room

ParrotUncle recently released a series of table lamps for children’s room on its website. Some of these table lamps are the ones with colorful patterns from cartoons and daily life topics, while the others are with the popular fairy tales models. These table lamps are different in shapes and topics with each other. Some of these lamps are with adorable models as decorations, which will be attractive for children. And some of them are with distinguished design.

As is quoted from one of the purchasing department of ParrotUncle, these table lamps can be applied both for practical lighting and as he said, mind enlightening. Some children will spend a lot of time around the table lamp for homework. A distinctive lighting companion will not only light the space, but also enlighten their minds, creativity, and potentials. Their dreams may fly with the airplane, and imagination may emerge with the flowers and butterflies.

About ParrotUncle, as a subsidiary website of Eileen Grays LLC, is a specialty retailing platform striving to satisfy modern home lighting requirements.

They believe that modern lighting is born out of a marriage of form and function. Their goal is to find and bring the finest in modern and contemporary designs to customers worldwide.

Their difference lies in the commitment to an unparalleled customer experience including multiple sorts of lighting fixtures available with modern designs, modernized website designs, unique inspirations, and professional advices and service from the team along the decoration project.

From living room to bedroom, floor lamps to chandelier, from bathroom to hallway, mirror lighting to wall sconces, ParrotUncle serves customers worldwide with the best quality and the largest selection of functional and decorative lightings fixtures.

From ceiling lighting with modern design to cottage chic handmade wooden lamps, customers can enjoy the warmest light and most decorative styles for house decor from hundreds of products available exclusively from ParrotUncle.

To browse all selections of children table lamps, please go to:


Company: Eileen Grays LLC
Representative Name: Eric Stein
Address: 218 Black Tie Lane, Chapel Hill, NC, USA
Zip Code: 27514
Phone: +1(323)8253866

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