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Passfeed App Making American Colleges go wild and exciting

Passfeed App Making American Colleges go wild and exciting

30, September 2015: Passfeed App is the new thing in town, and you must have heard about it or if not – then you must be living out of space or without a smartphone to cruise in its social networking boat.

Passfeed app is a BIG Plus to the social networking industry and where Facebook or Twitter has failed many, Passfeed has covered the tracks. It isn’t has old as these other platforms but the acceptance and reliability from countless numbers of youths mostly American University dudes comprising hot, sexy and trendy college girls and boys, sexy men and sexy women – is something it prides itself for and that is because it provides users on the network real-time activities and fun games.

Parties are now getting the best of unique attendances because most dudes now can easily find the most current and trendy party for the day, week or month through the network. It is much more like a big community made very small and accessible to everyone on it via your mobile phone.

Unlike other social networking platforms, Passfeed connects you thru mere push of your iPhone keys or Android pads to other folks on board and you get to meet very lovely people you probably have a crush or admiration for. Imagine fantasizing over the sexiest college girl at your school, and Passfeed granting you a free one way access to open up a chat and strike up the relationship that will make you yet another sexy dude.

The Passfeed college dating app was officially launched for the youth and vibrant community, and it has served several hundreds of thousands in the States and still counting.

The Passfeed new version release has taken the apps functionality and adaptability to another level making other social networking podiums look old-fashioned. This apps main objective is to make the world a more fun-filled place and the schools a more positively engaging terrain with America as focal point. It is simply designed to bring together the nerds, the most influential and most accomplished students in one house ‘the network’.

Forget the boring sharing of photos and videos online at spots like Facebook, twitter or Instagram; the passfeed app allows you to share your happy moments live in a more creative way with others that truly matter and you get rated for these activities.

Passfeed app features activity feeds, member indexes, messaging, live updates & notifications and prospects for extraordinary networking, dating and education on the go.

The United States education platform i.e. the colleges have never had it this exciting and adventurous before, and thanks to this revolutionary social networking app that has come to stay – helping its students explore life to the next special level where lives are transformed and boredoms expelled! You can get on board the Passfeed platform today and push your social networking experience a bit higher with more fun and pleasures.

About Passfeed Co., Ltd:

Passfeed is a popular social networking app in America, through which users can share the wonderful feed and pictures in life instantly with people nearby. With LBS function of Passfeed, one can also look for new friends nearby, for dating with him or her. Passfeed Stanford University Application is a great way for chatting, making friends, sharing interests, and even dating and organizing cool parties!

For Media Contact:

Contact Person: Richard Wang
Company: Passfeed Co., Ltd
Telephone: +1 650-603-0856

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