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Passfeed social networking app for College students bridging Communication Gaps

Passfeed social networking app for College students bridging Communication Gaps

30, September 2015: Passfeed is a mobile communication app that was designed for excellent social networking functionalities filing up the gap where other social networks have left uncovered.


With Passfeed, Facebook or twitter is like a baby social network when compared to it because it has an authority mode for interactions and building relationships.

And with the most recent version 2.0 just released to the marketplace, more and more members are registering on the network and it is growing in huge leaps and bounds.

This social network medium brings students from various walks of life and from diverse colleges in the United States to meet at a point and discuss life important issues, to share exciting life inspiring messages, and to show off some fun sexy selfies either on video or pictures.

Passfeed social networking medium for college boys and girls helps to also provide updates on weather reports for users on geography basis thus supporting intending travellers to pre-plan better on any trip.

It is an exclusive innovative social networking app that promotes real time communications between members on the network, allowing users to communicate between themselves about issues of relevance such as dating, parties, music, movies, people, academics, weather, latest trends, college basketball games, college football games, and so much more – connecting through your iPhone or Android smartphone.

The app designers are award winning developers and have received several awards for this innovative project imparting on the lives of students across colleges in America.

It is fully designed to be very simple and easy to use and it is also actually a pioneer of its sort in the social networking domain for college students. It is obviously the ultimate means for everyone in USA colleges and schools to stay connected and make fruitful life-changing connections.

It is fully available in the Google Play Store and also at the Apple app store for ease of connection and usage and anyone is permitted to join the network and begin connecting with the awesome fantastic community of inspiring and influential student thought leaders and beautiful people.

The ultimate goal of the Passfeed app and its latest version 2.0 release is to make America a better living ground with exciting and sane individuals, and it is indeed achieving this objective.

America colleges and her students are getting better on a day to day basis – thanks to Passfeed!

About Passfeed:

Passfeed is a popular American social networking application for easy people-to-people networking & connection. By using this app, users can share and upload photos of their precious moments with several viewers and can get feedback, find parties nearby and strike new exciting relationships. To know more, log on to the portal of this app or download the app for free.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Richard Wang
Company: Passfeed Co., Ltd
Telephone: +1 650-603-0856
Tel : +86 400-038-8202

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