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Pathfinders Travel Magazine Provides List of 10 Black History Sites for Every American

Pathfinders Travel Magazine Provides List of 10 Black History Sites for Every American

Philadelphia, PA – Pathfinders Travel Magazine for People of Color began publishing in 1997. Seventeen years later its writers and editors are still traveling the world, researching locations, interviewing individuals, and conveying their stories on the beautiful pages of Pathfinders.

Black History Month is celebrated throughout the year in the pages of Pathfinders Travel Magazine. Pathfinders is offering FREE, the article, “10 Black History Sites for Every American” which demonstrates how Black History is vitally important to the American story.

Some sites, such as the Martin Luther King Memorials in Atlanta and the National Mall in Washington DC, the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, or the Motown Historical Museum in Detroit, are well known. While others such as the President’s House in Philadelphia or Drayton Hall in South Carolina, are lesser known, but equally significant to our nation’s history.

This articles appeals to a wide range of multi-cultural interests and viewpoints while remaining true to Pathfinders’ core audience of African Americans who are passionate about heritage and cultural tourism.

Pathfinders Travel has written about Black Paris and the original Black Diva darling, Josephine Baker.  Editors traveled to South Africa for a first-hand look at life there after apartheid.  They even drove down the once infamous roads of Alabama and Mississippi to see first-hand tourism efforts to welcome African Americans to historic sites in places like Selma and Birmingham.

Please see the attached, “10 Black History Sites for Every American”. Call P.J. Thomas at 215-266-5027 for an interview or photos. Email for additional information.  Visit

P.J. Thomas would be please to contribute to any of the Black History Month stories you are considering by offering this list or speaking more in depth about Black History Sites.

February is a time when African Americans celebrate Black history through cultural and educational celebrations.  But, the United States is filled with Black historic sites which tell stories of how our nation developed.

Here are a just a few Black History sites every American should visit:

1. President’s House – Philadelphia, PA
2. Pullman Porter Museum – Chicago, IL
3. Buffalo Soldiers National Museum – Houston, TX
4. Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail – Selma, AL
5. Little Rock Central High School, Little Rock, AR
6. The Civil Rights Institute – Birmingham, AL
7. Maggie Lena Walker House – Richmond, VA
8. Jamestown Settlement – Jamestown, VA
9. Penn Center – Beaufort, SC
10. Drayton Hall Plantation – Charleston, SC

Pamela (P.J.) Thomas is the founding editor and co-publisher of Pathfinders Travel Magazine, a unique publication that speaks to the lifestyles and values of people of color and others who enjoy heritage and cultural tourism. She is responsible for the editorial planning and direction of the publication and its digital components.

Ms. Thomas is a frequent speaker on topics such as, African American Family Reunions, Magazine Publishing, African American Travel, Heritage and Cultural Tourism and “The Best Beaches You Never Saw”.   She was honored as one of the most influential women in travel.

P.J. Thomas

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