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PCL Group Announces To Offer Flatbed Digital Printers & Laser Cutting Machines to Their Clients across the World

PCL Group Announces To Offer Flatbed Digital Printers & Laser Cutting Machines to Their Clients across the World

Shandong Province, China; 24, November 2015: The spokesperson of the PCL Group announces that their CNC laser cutting machines and flatbed digital printers use the best parts that guarantee the quality and precision for an industrial client to help improve their production quality. With the best configuration and after a rigorous testing, it is ensured that each machine exceeds the client’s expectations. Fitted with Panasonic servo motor, German ballscrew and other such high quality parts, these machines perform at an optimum state.

The company supplies its UV LED digital printer to a number of clients all around the world. The UV printer can be used to directly print on wood board, glass board and other surfaces and have their application in several industries. The digital printers get hardened on the surface instantly after the printing and there is no need to laminate the surface in order to protect the printing. Thus, the UV LED printer has a faster printing time that saves time and also eliminates the need of additional labor and materials to protect the printing.

According to the spokesperson, their flatbed digital printer is important for environment-friendly and green printing process. The printer uses the UV ink that releases zero VOC’s and hence doesn’t harm the environment. At the same time, it is safer for the workforce. PCL Group has a range of flatbed digital printers to choose from with different configurations and features. Based on the printing needs and the nature of the printing surface, one can choose a digital printer from the company and can rest assured of an optimal printing performance.

For metal cutting industries, PCL Group has the fiber laser cutting machine that provides a faster cutting with an improved precision. The use of fiber laser beam ensures faster and precise metal cutting and can be used in cutting sheets and pipes of stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. They have different types of laser cutting machines that can be used for cutting metals of different thicknesses.

PCL Group specializes in delivering CNC cutting solutions and digital flatbed printers for different industries. One can learn more about those machines by visiting their website

About PCL Group:

PCL Group has been dedicated to research and develop the CNC laser cutting machine, CNC router machines, plasma cutting machine for many years. They have a strong team of experts who have over ten years of experience in Metalworking industry and Woodworking industry. The company endeavors to provide the most efficient and the most economic working scheme for different industrial applications.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Jacky
Address: No.159-26. Gong Ye Bei Road, Licheng District,
Jinan City, Shandong Province, China
Telephone: 86 18660174681

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