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Pediatric Dentist Warns Abut risk of Hidden Sugars in ‘Healthy’ Foods

Pediatric Dentist Warns Abut risk of Hidden Sugars in ‘Healthy’ Foods

01, December 2015: Dr. Dmitry Stillman, Dental Director of the Pediatric Dental Clinic in New Jersey, is keen for parents and caregivers to learn about the dangers of so called healthy foods with high levels of hidden sugars.


Parents and caregivers are becoming more aware of the need to limit a child’s intake of sugary foods, including many processed foods and sodas. However they may not know about the dangers of foods promoted as being healthy, but which can have high levels of hidden sugars.Unfortunately Dr. Stillman and his colleagues at the Pediatric Dental Clinic will often see young children with tooth decay and often their parents or caregivers will have made extensive efforts to feed them a healthy diet.

Many parents will give their children fresh fruit juice or smoothies as these drinks are often promoted as being great for kid’s health. While they can contain plenty of vitamins and minerals, they tend to be packed with hidden sugars and can increase the risk of childhood tooth decay. In addition, these drinks will often do very little to quench first. Diluting fruit juice with water can help lower the sugar content, or it can be replaced altogether with either plain water, or water that has been flavored with cucumber, mint leaves or a little fresh seasonal fruit.

Another common culprit is dried fruit and lots of people will provide their child with a snack packet of raisins in the mistaken belief they are a healthy snack. Dried fruit has the ability to stick to teeth for hours, increasing damage to tooth enamel and the sugary residue can be difficult to brush off. It is better to provide whole, fresh fruit with high water content. Cereal and granola bars are easy for kids to snack on but contain a lot of sugar and the contents can stick to teeth for long periods of time.

The Pediatric Dental Clinic does offer nutritional counseling and the clinic can analyze a child’s diet before recommending ways to improve it and to reduce the risk of tooth decay. It also offers a comprehensive range of preventative dental care treatments that are personalized according to a child’s risk of developing tooth decay.

Dr. Dmitry Stillman is dedicated to ensuring every child who visits his clinic will receive the very highest standard of dental care. As an experienced pediatric dentist, Dr. Stillman knows preventative dentistry is the most effective way to ensure a young child will grow up with healthy, cavity-free teeth. Dr. Stillman is a consultant on numerous boards and panels and he is also on staff at Hackensack University Medical Center as an attending specialist in the Pediatric Dental Department.

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