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People Can Now Enjoy a Fresher & Cleaner Smoking Experience with New Newport Cigarettes

People Can Now Enjoy a Fresher & Cleaner Smoking Experience with New Newport Cigarettes

Beijing, China; 14, September 2015: As a popular cigarette brand in the market, Newport is fast becoming a trendy choice for the smoke addicts for providing them with a cleaner and fresher smoking experience. Newport Cigarettes come with 0.2mg nicotine content and a quality tobacco blend that are less injurious to human health while offering a fresh and natural minty flavor. Besides, is also offering Newport coupons for buying cigarettes at discount prices.

The spokesperson of reveals that the cigarettes from the Newport brand offer a natural and minty flavor that refreshes the mood of a smoker. Moreover, the minty drag and smoothness offer a feel of satisfaction, despite the smaller nicotine content. One can choose cigarettes available in different lengths to satisfy their urge for smoking and feel contented after each smoking session. One can purchase Newport 100s Cigarettes available in different cartons and at affordable prices. Each carton contains menthol based cigarettes with 9mg Tar and 0.7mg nicotine. also has Newport box short cigarettes for consumers to choose cigarettes in different sizes, from Alabama stamp to Tennessee Stamp. The Newport King Size cigarettes with a rich and strong flavor cater to the smoking requirements of people with different tastes. The spokesperson maintains that they have the best menthol cigarettes available at an affordable price for smoking addicts to switch to a less harmful tobacco blend. The Newport brand is renowned for offering cigarettes that are affordable and less harmful because of their mild tobacco content.

The Newport brand cigarettes are drawing the attention of the worldwide smoking addicts. Moreover, the discount coupons are more encouraging for people to try a bold and natural flavor that is smooth and satisfying. People willing to take advantage of the price saving coupons and placing an order for cigarettes from the Newport brand can visit the website

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