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Pharma Dynamics: Trust and Quality in Healthcare

Pharma Dynamics: Trust and Quality in Healthcare

Pharma Dynamics is a leader among all the pharmaceutical companies in South Africa. Efficient and quality products have made them the most trusted name in generic pharmaceuticals. Pharma Dynamics, driven by their passion, has evolved to become the most prescribed and effective brand. They are the first choice among many patients and healthcare practitioners in South Africa.

Why choose Pharma Dynamics

  • Pharma Dynamics provides the best health care to people of South Africa. Pharma Dynamics has alliance with global manufacturing partners. All the manufacturing partners are regulated and approved by regulatory authorities both South African and international.
  • They invest in research and development to ensure that advanced generic formulations are developed.
  • Providing best quality treatment at an affordable cost is the vision of Pharma Dynamics. They make sure that the quality is not compromised when products are provided at affordable prices. Pharma Dynamics works hard to improve the overall health of patients. Patients don’t have to pay any extra cost if they buy products from Pharma Dynamics.
  • They are zealous about healthcare. Patient health is most important to Pharma Dynamics. They are committed to providing the best innovation in their products with a team of highly skilled scientists and pharmacists.
  • They provide a wide range of over the counter medications. Apart from self medications, Pharma Dynamics is dedicated in providing critical care products and antibiotics that is used in intensive care settings.

Pharma Dynamics believes that the first step to good health is to learn more about health. Medical conditions can be managed better, if one has proper knowledge about diseases. Pharma Dynamics provides easy to understand information and latest updates about diseases and health issues under their holistic health care approach initiative.

Wide range of products
Pharma Dynamics knows that a healthy heart is the key to a healthy life. They offer wide range of products in the cardiovascular category.  Their anti-platelet medication, high blood pressure medication, vasodilators, anti-angina medication and high-cholesterol medication range help keep your heart healthy.

Type 2 diabetes or diabetes mellitus can be kept under control by using type 2 diabetes treatment.

Pharma Dynamics offers wide range of products in men’s health, bone health, digestive health, respiratory health and mental health categories. Pharma Dynamics has understood that allergies stop a person from leading a regular life. They offer a range of over the counter and by prescription allergy medications to keep allergies under control.

To know more about their products or learn more about health care and diseases visit their website at: http://pharmadynamics.co.za/

About the company:
Pharma Dynamics was founded in 2001, and is a leader in the relatively new generic pharmaceutical market of South Africa. Owned by Lupin limited, Pharma Dynamics has evolved as the most trusted name that provides quality and affordable generic formulations in various health care categories.

1st Floor Grapevine House
Steenberg Office Park Silverwood Close
Westlake, Cape Town, 7945
Phone: 0860 742 762

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