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Photoacoustic Imaging Technology Market

Photoacoustic Imaging Technology Market

Bharatbook announces a report on “Photoacoustic Imaging Technology Market”. The report provides an overview of optical and acoustic technologies the trends in data processing and image reconstruction algorithms.

In healthcare and life science, there is a huge demand for high resolution imaging at high penetration depth, in real time and at an affordable price. With an appropriate combination of optical and acoustical means, added to data processing and specific algorithms, Photoacoustic Imaging offers several advantages over other biomedical and medical imaging modalities:
-Safe and non-invasive: it is therefore adapted for repeated use on in vivo tissues, and is suited for treatment monitoring contrary to X-rays.
-Label-free: avoids the issue of approved labels in in vivo imaging.
-Speckle free: contrary to OCT and ultrasonography. It provides higher quality images.
-Scalable: PAI allows to image biological objects from organelles and cells to tissues or organs, while keeping the same high depth vs.
resolution ratio.
-High penetration depth : up to several cm, allowing to image in 3D whole organs or whole body parts (like breast)
-Provides various types of information: anatomical, functional, molecular and kinetic information. In view of all those assets, one can wonder whether PAI could replace other techniques like X-rays for various major imagery applications like breast cancer detection and screening. The report provides an overview of optical and acoustic technologies forming a PAI system, as well as the trends in data processing and image reconstruction algorithms. It describes in details the main features of PAI, that makes it a powerful technique for clinical applications.

Four implementations of PAI are possible, making it a tool that easily adapts to the clinical need : Hand held PAI devices (HPAT) have been developed for point-of-care applications like dermatology or oncology diagnosis at the doctor’s office.
Endoscopes integrating PAI have been demonstrated for cardio-vascular imaging inside arteries. Photoacoustic Computed Tomography (PACT) allows 3D imaging of organs. PAI can also be implemented in a microscope (PAM) for in vitro or ex vivo diagnosis.
PAI is thus expected to be adopted in various clinical applications. However, the access to the clinical market is long and complex.
One of the challenges is the acceptation of PAI by clinicians. To overcome this challenge, first clinical devices expected to be adopted are systems combining Ultra-sounds and PAI. Indeed, Ultrasonography (US) is a well-known and well-established technique. However, it provides only structural information. PAI brings functional information to US imaging. Moreover, the entry of PAI into clinical applications is going to be boosted by the growing number of companies – startups and large firms like Fujifilm or Canon – that are investing in this technology.
In the report, we point out the remaining challenges for clinical adoption of PAI, the issues to overcome to get a large imaging market share and a roadmap of the forthcoming clinical product.

•Provide an overview of Photoacoustic Imaging components and systems on the market and under development,
•Define and analyze the different market segments of the PAI market,
•Identify PAI main industrial and R&D players worldwide,
•Provide a market forecast until 2022 for each application segment,
•Underline main challenges to be addressed both on technology side and application side in short, mid and long-term.

•PAI components Overview: light sources, acoustic transducers, data processing and algorithms
•PAI systems technologies Overview: tomography, microscopy, handheld systems and endoscopy
•Markets Forecast and Trends for Components and R&D, Pre-clinical, Analytics and Clinical segments
•Key features of PAI for medical applications
•Requirements for market accessibility
•Market drivers and remaining challenges
•Products road map
•Patents Landscape

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