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Pieces of The Past By Ian C. Bouras Is A Testament To Overcoming Adversity

Pieces of The Past By Ian C. Bouras Is A Testament To Overcoming Adversity

New York, New York; 02, January 2016: Ian C. Bouras has been creating music for a long time and has accomplished some notable success. He was nominated by Billboard Magazine as one of the top songwriters of 2004 and 2005 and has been a renowned session guitarist. Ian C. Bouras is best known for his work with the reggae/rock outfit known as AñaVañA. He worked as the band’s touring guitarist.

Bouras is more recently known for his use of many elements of world music genres including Spanish classical guitar, reggae, and American jazz. In addition, he combines experimental electronica music for a diverse sound. With an audio engineering degree, he has over time gained a better understanding of his craft and exercises his creative abilities.

One major challenge Bouras faces is a rare neurological condition called Ataxia. This inhibits coordination including Bouras’s ability play the guitar at his former level of proficiency. However, to his advantage he has successfully used his audio engineering experience to experiment with synthesized loops run through a series of effects pedals for a distinct sound.

Although Ataxia has limited him in some ways, it has also allowed him to forge his own artistic trail. “Pieces of the Past” released on January 1st, 2015 is a representation of Bouras’ artistic journey and a testament to his engineering skills. Described by many as ambient electronica with hints of reggae, Spanish classical guitar, pop, and jazz, Bouras’ music is part of a new electronic music movement. His ability to loop guitar and manipulate the sound with various effects gives the music a certain orchestral feel, while maintaining the raw power and edge of classic rock music.

“Pieces of the Past” is currently available on CD Baby at, and especially for fans of experimental electronica. For additional information visit the SDMP Records Youtube page (

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