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Pipes, Tanks and Vessels: The Leading Firm

Pipes, Tanks and Vessels: The Leading Firm

Vacuum and Fluid Technology  is one of the most respected vacuum pumps manufacturer companies in South Africa that manufactures and sells all kinds of water and waste conduction structures and equipments. There are mainly four things it deals in: vacuum pumps and systems control of water and screen equipment, tanks and pipes, and structural plates. Their most famed services include:

  • The selection and sales of new equipments.
  • The re-manufacture and repair of the used and the existing equipments.
  • Selecting the type and size of pump or compressor.
  • Supplying complete units of package.
  • Supply of turnkeys, compressed air installations and the installation of complete vacuum systems.
  • Upgradation of compressed air systems which currently exist in a place.
  • Doing hospital and laboratory installations.

In equipment of water control and screening, the firm manufactures sluice gates, penstocks, channel gates, tilting weirs, stop logs, hand stops and diverter gates. Its stock also includes front-raked/hand-raked screens for the purpose of water screening.

Pipes, vessels and tanks are manufactured at VFT in numbers as specified by its customers. All of its produce is manufactured keeping in mind the specifications of the SANS 347:2010 guidelines. Assistance is mainly provided with the following:

-Friction loss calculations, P and Ids, general design and general arrangement drawing.
-Manufacture-oriented drawing.
-Verifying the dimensions of structure requirements before the manufacture, and taking tours of the site in order to remain adherent to the national compliance and regulatory guidelines.

They place supreme importance on quality and durability of their products, which is why a majority of their pipes and fitting equipments are made from material such as stainless steel, carbon steel (preferably galvanized), duplex materials (coated and un-coated) and engineering plastics(HDPE and Polypropylene). They also have a GRP and a combination of engineering plastics and GRP.  They are in fact, one of the leading stainless pipe manufacturers in the country. Base plates for motor and pump sets, complete base and pumping sets or units, tanks for generator sets etc. are some of the other things, which are present in their array. In the department of structural steel fabrication, one finds walkways, stairways, cat ladders, gantries, trusses and columns, pipes and other kinds of supporting steel. Chutes, funnels, flopper gates, water structures, concrete shuttering etc. are some of the plate fabrication manufactures. For more information, see:

About vft:
VFT is the leading pipe, tank and vessel manufacturer firm in South Africa. It has made a name for itself through years of turning out flawless products for its industry.

Unit 9-12, Hydro Park 1,
Hydro Street, Stikland,
Western Cape, South Africa
Phone: 0861111170
Mobile: 0832349603
Fax: 0866957460

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