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Plant-Derived Chelating Agent Market Growth and Forecast 2016-2026

Plant-Derived Chelating Agent Market Growth and Forecast 2016-2026

Chelating agents are the chemicals possess ability to form one or more bonds with metal ions or metallic compounds or other substances. Chelating agents also called as sequencing agents or cheaters. Chelating agents inhibit microbial growth, extract heavy metals by binding them. And hence  has there broad application range in different industries such as cosmetics, water treatment, food and beverages, household cleaning ,paper industry, textiles, agrochemicals, pharmaceutical etc., due to their unique metal ion binding properties. In food and beverageschelating agents improve the efficacy of preservatives and antioxidants.

EDTA, DTPA, and phosphates are commonly used chemical or synthetic chelating agents has proven harmful to biological system. With increasing environmental and health concerns, industries are emphasizing on use of naturally derived bio-degradable chelating agents. Plant derived chelating agents includes, sodium phytate or phytic acid, sodium gluconate, citric acid, etc. These are derived from the plants such as rice, wheat, corn, citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, sugar cane, apples, cilantro etc.

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Plant-derived Chelating Agent Market Segmentation

Plant-derived chelating agent market can be segmented on the basis of applications, forms and region.

Plant-derived chelating agent market is segmented on the basis of their applications in different industries such as food and beverages, household & cleaning products, personal care, pharmaceuticals, pulp & paper industry, water treatment, textile, agrochemicals, photography, and others. Amongst all segments plant derived chelating agent’s major market demand comes from pulp and paper industry followed by household and cleaning. However pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, personal care, and agrochemicals segments possess significant market demand for plant-derived chelating agents.

Plant-derived chelating agent market further segmented on the basis of forms as, powdered and liquid form. Depending on the source, application and packaging condition required for particular chelating agent they are stored in either powdered or liquid forms. Plant-derived chelating agent market later segmented on the basis of regions as, Latin America, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific Excluding Japan, Middle East and Africa, and Japan.

Plant-derived Chelating Agent Global Market Trends and Market Drivers:

Increasing demand for natural based ingredients in almost all industries is major market driver of plant-derived chelating agents. Rising health awareness and increasing health concerns related with communal diseases among the global population are expected to drive the demand of natural products, resulting in the market demand and growth of plant-based chelating agents.

Harmful effects of synthetic chelating agents such as EDTA, fueling market demand for  plant-derived chelating agents .Increased environmental and health concerns with regards to use of synthetic chelating agents are another major market driver for plant-derived chelating agent’s market.

The stringent environmental and water conservation regulations by various governments in Latin America and European markets are fueling market demand for plant-derived chelating agents.

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Plant-derived Chelating Agent Global Market Regional outlook:

In regional outlook North America is the major market for plant-derived natural chelating agents. The U.S accounts for significant shares in the global plant-derived chelating agent’s market. After North America, Europe is another major market as well as manufacturer of plant-derived chelating agents in terms of value, with Germany standing at first rank for manufacturing as well as consumption.

However emerging markets demand for use of natural products in personal care, pharmaceutical, food and beverages industries  etc., is driving market demand for plant-derived chelating agent , in Asia pacific region. And emerging economies such as, China, India, Indonesia are expected to show significant market growth for plant-derived chelating agent in the region.

Plant-derived Chelating Agent Market Key Players:

Key market players manufacturing plant-derived chelating agents include ADM,Cargill Incorporated, Kemira Oyj, The Dow Chemical Company, Nippon Shokub, BASF SE , and Akzo Nobel NV etc.

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