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Plumbing and Boiler Servicing from Boiler Servicing 24/7

Plumbing and Boiler Servicing from Boiler Servicing 24/7

United Kingdom; 25, February 2016: Boiler servicing 24-7 offers boiler and plumbing services to Berkshire and Surrey. From just £65 per call out, the specialists will manage any issues that might arise with your boiler or central heating system. Unlike other businesses in the industry, the staff at Boiler Servicing 24-7place great emphasis on customer service. Indeed, that is why initial customers say they will always come back for more (checkatrade average score of 9.96 from 483 reviews)

Boiler Servicing

All boiler services are performed by Gas Safe Registered (513713) engineers. The engineers working for Boiler Servicing 24-7 are experts. They have all the skills and qualifications required to meet your standards. Whatever your plumbing and heating requirements, Boiler Servicing 24-7 will be pleased to help.

Here are some of our services:
● Gas and water seals
● Heat exchangers
● Ignition systems
● Combustion fans
● Pipework and controls
● Radiators
● Boiler components
● Safety devices
● Gas pressure
● Flue ways and terminals

Boiler servicing can help to make sure your family has hot water. The service engineers will examine your system, and perform preventative measures. They do that to stop major issues that might arise in the future. That should help to extend the life of residential boilers and ensure replacements are only required in the most severe of cases.

Alexander Mayer launched Julie Jane Ltd in 2012 after being a sole-trader for more than five years. The trading name Boiler Servicing 24/7 came to fruition this year, and it’s hoped the change will help to boost business. After losing his mother at the age of 15, Alexander decided he would do his best to make her proud. That is why the number plates used for all commercial vehicles relate to her birthdate.

Alex chose to go it alone after working for a number of unreliable plumbers during his career. He became frustrated with the lack of customer care and support. Boiler Servicing 24/7 is designed to combat those industry issues. Customers can call their hotline at any time of the day or night and speak to trained experts. Regardless of their problem, the guys working for this brand will offer a friendly and realistic solution. Best of all? Prices are kept low to ensure homeowners get the best deals possible.

To learn more about the services offered by this company, get in touch via their website. New customers can also use the contact information listed below.

For Media Contact:
Julie Jane House,
5 Cheapside Court,
Sunning Hill Road,
Ascot, SL5 7RF
01753 569 226

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