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Portland-based Content Marketing Company Breaks Traffic Barrier

Portland-based Content Marketing Company Breaks Traffic Barrier

KEY Difference, a Portland-based content marketing firm with offices in the UK, Europe and India, has announced a breakthrough in web traffic generation. An unnamed client of theirs claims to have seen an organic increase in website visitors by 700%, a figure that is more in line with aggressive paid advertising than organic growth. A spokesman for the client company, a leading automobile dealer in Buffalo, New York, says that they have seen their web traffic increase seven-fold in the past 3 months since engaging KEY Difference to do content marketing for them. Says Mr. Key, CEO of KEY Difference: “Our ground-breaking content marketing strategies have worked very well for clients as far away as Australia, and we have started implementing it full-scale for all our clients across the globe. The results this client has witnessed will now be a benchmark for us to repeat and surpass with every new project we undertake.”


To give a better perspective on web traffic growth, traditional digital marketing strategies typically show a 15-20% growth; paid advertising can give higher yields, but the ROI (Return On Investment) is generally lower because the advertiser pays a pre-agreed amount per visitor. 3-digit percentage traffic increase has been seen in extreme circumstances, but only when a start-up website is aggressively marketed through a variety of channels. Using content marketing, the service provider takes the client’s existing content and distributes it effectively across several websites that then act as conduits for new traffic to the client’s site.


In the case of KEY Difference, their unique content marketing model involves re-purposing the client’s content into other formats, and then distributing that content intelligently across hundreds of social platforms. “The cumulative effect of the page views, shares and social media engagement is what enables us to give high 3-digit traffic growth to our clients.”


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