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Positive Reviews for Project Home America’s Plan to Help Our Nation’s Homeless

Positive Reviews for Project Home America’s Plan to Help Our Nation’s Homeless

Las Vegas, NV; 30, November 2015: is earning praise and positive reviews for their efforts to help thousands of homeless people in America. Creating a place, where the displaced can live, work and have pride, is the focus of PHA’s Global Initiative, through their non-profit organization. The group is designed to benefit those who are willing and able to help themselves, by providing people the opportunity to work, live and create a family community.

Home America

Recently, Project Home America launched its donation campaign, in order to purchase their first building. A tax-deductible donation to the campaign makes a great holiday gift that helps those who need a place to live, work and develop a sense of security and family.

The Boston Globe says, “Project Home America is an exceptional organization, that benefits the homeless, giving them the opportunity to work, as well as a warm place to live.” The popular online news website Newsdayposted, “A donation to help Americans in need makes a great gift for the holidays.”The resources from donations will enable Project Home America to partner with cities across the nation to help rehabilitate their homeless population.

It is estimated, that there are more than 600,000 homeless in shelters, transitional housing, or living on the streets, on any given night. These statistics are almost all comprised of the chronically homeless. Many of the homeless consist of veterans suffering from PTSD, families who have lost their homes due to economic issues, and juveniles, who have aged out of various programs -The population of homeless is immense and growing.

The choice to offer help through donations to Project Home America, improves the state of homelessness, one person at a time. The homeless have no age, gender, or ethnicity, but they do have the desire to improve their situation, that is what they have in common. Some of the #StoriesBehindtheFaces can be seen on the PHA website or by checking out their YouTube videos at

Learn more about making a tax-deductible donation to this charity at

About Project Home America: is a global initiative, 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization benefiting those who are willing and able to help themselves. With hundreds and thousands of homeless in America, a large percentage of them simply need a helping hand. PHA will provide a place, where homeless can live, work and have a sense of pride. With Project Home America, your help, and with many resources, the charity organization will be able to help, “One homeless person at a time,” …making a world of difference.

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