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PosterVents App Launches with Green Initiative to Curb Paper Waste

PosterVents App Launches with Green Initiative to Curb Paper Waste

The community wall at the favorite local coffee shop or music store has just come into the digital age.  PosterVents is an innovative new iPhone event app , that allows users to upload flyers and graphics announcing events with just minimal effort.  You can check out events that are happening city wide with a zip code search.  From live music, to parties, fundraisers and more, if it’s happening in a city and there’s a flyer for it it’s welcome on PosterVents.

“We built this because we wanted it for ourselves,”  commented Julia Bruggeman, co-founder of  “People should be able to see this amazing artwork on their phones. It turned out to be a completely addictive experience, and PosterVents as a social experience was born!”

According to the company, uploading and viewing flyers and posters is completely free.  It features both a calendar and a location search engine, to make it as useful for users as possible.  PosterVents opens up the door to a fun day or night in the city with little planning and just access to an iPhone.  The app is the first step in the company’s strategy of minimizing consumable waste due to coordinating events.

Reviews for the app have been passionate.

Elaine M., from New York, recently said, “I thought PosterVents was a really cool idea since I travel a lot, but I really appreciate the app now just to check out the flyer art.  It’s completely addictive, and the artist in me really admires a lot of the work that people upload.  I think I spend more time on the app now than I do on Facebook!  Five stars and fully recommended.”

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PosterVents, Inc
Attn: Jane Gray
P.o. Box 1777
White Salmon, WA 98672

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