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Potato Express – The Cheapest Way to Send a Memorable Holiday Message

Potato Express – The Cheapest Way to Send a Memorable Holiday Message

Hollywood, CA; 23, November 2015: If you are like most Americans, finding a new way to make the holidays special can be a daunting task. But rather than get worried about how to convey your special message to your loved ones this year, try visiting for inspiration. Potato Express has made national news providing a truly unique gift for those on a tight budget.

The Boston Globesays, “It’s anunforgettable gift that lasts forever, because it’s on a potato!” The popular online news website Newsday posted, “The holidays are right around the corner, so consider a potato in lieu of a standard holiday card.“

Want to impress someone or send a romantic message that won’t soon be forgotten? Simply have the folks at write your message on a russet potato and send it to your loved one in a real burlap bag. After all, flowers are so predictable and greeting cards are a waste of trees. provides a truly organic gift that will be remembered for years.

According to the website, 15 words is about the maximum one can expect to fit on the average potato, and orders are shipped within 24 hours with a delivery time of 5-7 days needed to arrive at their destination.

In a world that has grown tired of the thoughtless materialism surrounding holidays, sending a message on a potato is a refreshing and thrifty gift that will make their special day better than ever.You can even send your potato message anonymously to add to the mystery and baffle your friends. Just be sure to have the camera video recording to catch the look of surprise on the recipients face when they open their customized potato. It’s definitely a gift worth sharing on Facebook and is sure to bring a smile every time.

PotatoExpress.nethas plenty of taters on hand and they offer shipping both locally and internationally. An authentic burlap sack package can be added to your order for only 3.99. Wrapping your potato gift makes the presentation even more fun, and will add to the anticipation and delight of the recipient.

So this year, do something inexpensive and creative and let a POTATO put your words of “Congratulations!” or “Happy Birthday” or “Merry Christmas!” brightly into someone’s day. At, the cost is only $9.99 plus shipping, making it one of the cheapest potato messaging services on the Internet.

About has a great new way to send a message to your friends, loved ones, coworkers, or anyone you want to remember you. It’s an unforgettable message that lasts forever, because it’s on a potato! Don’t send a boring card they’ll forget tomorrow, or flowers that are so 80’s. Send a message on a potato from because it’s the perfect surprise, and a sure way to put a smile on someone’s face. Don’t be fooled by copycats or imitators. At you can send your message100% anonymously, or you can send your name. Either way it’s fun and it makes a great gift!

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