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Prestige Barbers in NYC Offering 50% Discounts on All Services for First Aid Responders with Valid ID

Prestige Barbers in NYC Offering 50% Discounts on All Services for First Aid Responders with Valid ID

New York, USA; 13, October 2015: With their excellent track record of offering outstanding men’s haircut and shave for the last 18 years, Prestige Barber Shop is a premier hair styling location for a large number of style-conscious men in New York. Besides offering great men’s haircuts at reasonable prices, the barber shop nyc now announces to offer a 50% price discount to all first aid responders who are carrying a valid ID.

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The owners of the NYC based barber shop believe that first aid responders who volunteer for medical emergencies deserve recognition as well as an appreciation. This is their attempt to recognize those self-less people who serve the mankind in difficult emergency situations. A trained first aid responder can enjoy a nice hair cut or a range of barber services by paying just half the original fees charged by Prestige Barbers.

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The barber shop offers a variety of services, such as men’s haircut, razor services and men’s shaving. They have comfortable chairs, stylish décor, soothing music and a team of experienced barbers to offer the best of haircuts and razor services. Any first aid responder can enjoy all this at a price that is half of the regular price and can appreciate the professional services of Prestige Barbers.

Situated in the center of the bustling midtown of Manhattan, the Prestige barber shop uses the finest hair care and skin care products for male grooming. The trained barbers offer haircuts and hair styling as per the individual taste and personality of a person. They offer haircuts as per the personal specification of an individual and endeavor to provide the best of services in a comfortable and relaxing ambiance.

One of the barbers in the Shop states that a 50% discount could be an irresistible offer for anyone to visit them and take advantage of their best barber services. This is the reason why they are expecting a large number of first aid responders to visit them on a daily basis. They, however, are ready to offer their best services at discount prices. To learn more about their services, one may visit their website

About Prestige Barbers:

For over 18 years, Prestige Barber shop of Midtown Manhattan has been providing clients with top quality haircuts, straight razor shaves, traditional wet shaving and other lavish services at affordable New York City prices. The staff at Prestige Barber Shop is remarkably skilled professionals who are dedicated to providing the satisfaction that each client deserves.

For Media Contact:
Company: Prestige Barber Shop
Telephone: (212) 752-4758

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