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Print Maniax Utilizes VIBRANCE Technology to Improve Printing Color and Quality

Print Maniax Utilizes VIBRANCE Technology to Improve Printing Color and Quality

Print Maniax, a company that offers customers the latest in technological advances, is now utilizing VIBRANCE to improve and speed up the color printing process. With VIBRANCE, Print Maniax can now achieve colors outside the gamut, easily matching whatever colors the customer requests.

Print Maniax offers several types of printing technologies to its customers to allow them to utilize class color management and innovative experiences. In the past, the company has relied upon GRACoL, a system that has the ability to produce millions of colors, although it has a limited color gamut due to the standardization of the ink. Now, the gamut has been expanded with the new VIBRANCE add-on system. VIBRANCE allows users to create and print colors outside of the normal spectrum, offering the best possible printing results.

VIBRANCE is essentially a four-color process that expands gamut solutions. This saves the user time and money and creates less waste. With VIBRANCE the color from a proof can be perfectly matched but can also be made available in a larger and grander format. This process now saves printers time and energy matching colors between designs and printer proofs. It also allows for a much quicker turn around.

Print Maniax as seen at offers a wide range of innovative printing services for any need, including poster printing and business cards. A poster filled with color, graphics and information is one of the best ways to grab the audience’s attention during a presentation. With VIBRANCE color printing through Print Maniax, color poster printing as seen at has never been easier or looked better.

Print Maniax also offers business card design and print services. Business cards as seen at are an essential tool for those networking with customers or business associates. Design, including color, is an extremely important element of the best business cards as they reflect not only the individual but the business. With VIBRANCE color printing, customers can ensure that all business cards are beautifully rendered for the best representation of the client. All poster, business card and VIBRANCE color printing services are available through Print Maniax’s online printing services.

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About Print Maniax:

From its establishment in 2013, this dedicated team of print and design experts has offered professional-grade print services via a web-enabled, intuitive interface for both B2B and B2C applications. Print Maniax offers high-quality, affordable print solutions for all customer needs.

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