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Proficient City to Launch Open Beta for Its First Collectible Card Game – Valhalla Lost

Proficient City to Launch Open Beta for Its First Collectible Card Game – Valhalla Lost

Valhalla 1

19, December 2015: Proficient Cityhas announced the open betaof its Norse mythology inspired CCG, Valhalla Lost. It recently completed the closed beta, and launchedthe open beta on Android on December 17th, with plans to launch iOSin early 2016.Valhalla Lost places the player incontrol one of four mystical heroes, and lets them call on the aid of gods, monsters, and powerful magic. Players can compete both in league PvP, or in the expansive story that pits them against the remnants of a fallen Vallhalla. Cards can be gained by helping their friends, through the Workshop or by opening packs with card keys.

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-Magnificent hand-drawn art featuring gods, monsters, and heroes from Norse mythology
-An innovative block system that adds a whole new twist to CCG game.
-An intricate story that places the player in the remnants of a fallen Valhalla
-A mutually beneficial Friend system that helps players gain better cards
-Multi-battle Dungeons for extra rewards
-A Bar Fight mode that simplifies playing against friends who are close to your physical location
-League play that rewards those with the passion to win
-Over 200 cards including spells, creatures, wards, and traps
-Epic bosses that will test the limit of players’ skill
-New cards every 3 months
-40 Card decks for more varied strategies
-4 unique classes, each with multiple Hero Skills


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Co-designers and Closed Beta
Bluelight and Proficient City have involved players to the greatest extent possible in the design process. They have selected 8 players who were vital to beta-testing and development, and are recognizing them as co-designers. Proficient City will continue to select players that have a significant influence on Valhalla Lost, and provide them with additional rewards and recognition.

Several new features were added during the closed beta including World Bosses, and optimized visual effects.

About Bluelight
Bluelight is led by Lan Yu, who has 18 years of video game experience. He started his career working on Cross Gate for Square and has since been part of 12 games. He played Magic professionally from 1999 to 2002, and has been an adamant fan ever since.

About Proficient City:
Proficient City is a subsidiary of Game Hollywood. It has published over 20 games including Wartune, DDTank Mobile, and Eternal Fury. It has been publishing games since 2008, has offices in Asia and Spain, and will soon be opening a branch in North America.

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For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Matt
Company: Proficient City Limited
Address: No.134 Xiaogangzhong Road, Haizhu District,
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Tel: (86020) 8405 6975

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