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Provocative Film ‘Race War’ To Be Released In Spring 2015

Provocative Film ‘Race War’ To Be Released In Spring 2015

Los Angeles, CA – SAME Studios announces the upcoming release of a new film titled ‘Race War’, a story of two warriors embroiled in an epic battle triggered by race.

The film is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2015, amidst renewed racial tensions around the country. The story is set in the near future and follows the apocalyptic battle between Marcus and Hunter, two warriors haunted by memories from the past who must each fight for their own survival.

“With the racial climate in America, it’s important to have a story like Race War. This movie touches on points that we all need to remember, and shows what’s really important. We use provocative words and images to shock the viewer into this realization, and it’s my hope that after seeing this film we will have a renewed appreciation for each other,” says the Writer/Director, Sean Hampton.

Hampton, who is the owner of SAME Studios, also stars in the film. His previous acting roles include appearances in CSI, The Young & the Restless, and 90210. Hampton is also a member of the Producers Guild and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Among the cast of Race War is Jett Jansen, who received an Emmy nomination for his work in Teen Wolf. Jansen, who also appeared in Miami Vice, is the owner of Crash Site Films and a Producer of Race War. Also starring is Travis Parker, whose stuntman credits include Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. He is joined by Michael Foster, who has appeared in Axeman 2: Overkill, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, and The Middle.

About Race War

Race War is a collaboration project produced by SAME Studios in partnership with Crash Site Films. The film is scheduled to be released in Spring 2015. A trailer can be seen at

SAME Studios

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